Summer is just around the corner and with it comes the annual bathing suit shopping trip that we all dread. I mean seriously, why don’t places sell tops and bottoms together anymore?

Maybe you picked up crocheting as a new hobby during quarantine or maybe your grandmother taught you years ago and you are tired of making scarves.

Or maybe, you’re just looking for a new thing to do and you’re tired of the basic bikinis that the stores sell. $40 for a bathing suit set that will barely last the entire summer before you have to throw it away? No thanks, we can do better than that.

Whatever the reason, you’ve come to the right place because I am here to show you that there is another way.

Crochet bikinis are affordable, personalized and so cute on any body type! You can customize them to work for you and to highlight the things you want highlighted.

With so many different colors and styles of yarn out there, the possibilities are really endless.Follow along for some of the best crochet bikini patterns out there.

And as always, these are so easy that you can pull out your DIY skills and do it yourself!

Bikini Sewing Patterns | DIY bikini | Bikini Design Club

1. Adorable High Neck String Crochet Bikini Pattern

We’re kicking our list off with a simple yet adorable crochet bikini pattern.

This is an easy project that can be knocked out in a weekend and enjoyed for years to come! I mean seriously, it looks like you got this from a cute little beach shop.

Planning a girl’s trip?Grab a few different colors of yarn and make some for everyone!

2. Sexy Honeycomb Bikini Pattern

Looking for something a little scandalous that covers everything it needs to?

This bikini is perfect, cute and is sure to turn heads!It looks like it would take weeks but honestly, you could get this done in a weekend with this super helpful PDF pattern!

Who said crocheting was just for old ladies?

3. Colorful Crochet Bikini Pattern DIY

Okay, when I think of crochet bikinis this is the one that pops up in my head.This is just such a classic look that is sure to complement any beach bum’s bum.

See what I did there?I’m imagining this one with a big floppy sun hat and huge circle glasses.

The sheer glamor of it all!

4. Inclusive Mermaid Crochet Bikini Pattern

I love this one because it’s seriously giving me mermaid vibes!

Like, make the top purple and the bottoms green and you’re Ariel. How adorable would that be?

And yay for size inclusivity because EVERY body is a bikini body. This pattern includes so many different styles and helps you to alter it to fit your body perfectly.

Flaunt it, girl!

5. Itty Bitty Black Bikini Pattern

It was an itsy bitsy teeny weeny BLACK crochet bikini!If you sang along it’s fine because I did too.

This is such a simple and sleek bikini idea that the original creator has dubbed a “micro bikini”.

It’s a tiny little thing that is sure to flatter and leave minimal tan lines.

Get your crochet needle ready!

6. Cute and Simple DIY Crochet Bathing Suit

Okay, how gorgeous is this? This bikini pattern is one of the more detailed on this list BUT it’s still pretty simple once you get the hang of it.

The great thing about all of the bikinis on this list is that the patterns are so easy to follow.

It looks complicated but honestly, just follow along and you’ll have it done in no time.

Take your time and invest in some quality yarn because you’re going to want to wear this one for years and years.

7. Easy Bikini Pattern Halter Top

Have you been a little overwhelmed by all of the other bikinis you’ve seen so far? Never fear! Let’s get back to the basics.

This one is super easy and could even be worn as a cute crop top or bralette.

Very simple chains connected together make up this top, that’s literally all it is.Practice makes perfect! You’ve got this!

8. Full Coverage Crochet Bikini Pattern

Is your style cute yet modest? This is the one for you!

This adorable pattern is pretty full coverage aside from the string sides. It is sure to leave you feeling gorgeous yet covered and secure.

Because sometimes, you want to be able to swim in the ocean without worrying about everything slipping out!

9. Crochet Bikini DIY Gorgeous

This one is very similar to the last one that I showed you but is a bit more “showy” in the top portion.

The thing with bikinis is that it’s all about what makes YOU comfortable and what you think highlights your body best.I think it’s gorgeous and would make the perfect addition to your bikini drawer!

The pattern has it in a size A but it could easily be adjusted to fit any size.

10. Lacey Dream “Bali” Crochet Bikini Pattern

This one makes me want to wake up at 6 AM to go on a run and then make a smoothie after.

Why do we do things like this when we are on vacation? I don’t even like running!

This is a simple pattern with a little more intricacy required for the top lace detailing, but it is still super doable.

11. Hot High Neck Crochet Bikini DIY

High neck, low bottoms. Show off that body you’ve worked so hard for!

I really like this pattern because like many on the list, the top could be used as a bralette when it’s not summer time.

You could even go to the beach and then throw on a shirt over it to go out to dinner.

It’s so gorgeous and detailed that it would work and no one would ever know the difference!

12. Spicy Strawberry Crochet Bikini DIY

We are now calling this the strawberry bikini. That is it’s name now.

But seriously, how adorable is this?

It’s honestly so easy that you could make a day out of it and then hit the beach in it the next morning!

14. Retro High Waisted Crochet Bikini Pattern

The original creator of this pattern calls this the “sassy summer bikini” and I love that.

I LOVE a good high waisted bikini and think it’s a style that is flattering on every body type.

This style is perfect for a retro queen or for a girl that wants to show some skin but not all of it.

15. Little Lacey Crochet Bikini Pattern

Boho queens unite, I have found the perfect bathing suit for you!This thing is cute, simple and really wouldn’t cost much material wise.

There’s just something about white bikinis that make me feel like a powerful sea goddess.

Anyone else?

16. Crochet Bikini (Heklani bikini)

And again with the cute white bikinis!

Our tans are going to be popping this summer girls, I can already see it now.

I love this one because the top looks like seashells to me and I think that’s adorable.

17. Boho Crochet Bikini Pattern DIY

I can just imagine myself now wearing this around the house while I light my incense and get ready for a beach day.

This is such a cute little boho set and I am obsessed with the matching cover up skirt!

Like honestly, what a look!

18. Adorable Vega Crochet Bikini DIY Pattern

Okay, this is the one.

It requires super simple stitching and is ADORABLE!

Wear this top under a loose fitted tank top for a cute beachy look or just wear it to lay out.

Everyone is going to be begging you to tell them where you got it!

19. Big Bottom Bikini Pattern DIY

If you’re like me, you have a hard time finding bikinis that fit because all of the bottoms are TINY.

Like seriously, why are the only options for bikini bottoms either super revealing or basically shorts?

Make your own, girl!

These bottoms are cute and still sexy while also covering everything that they need to.

Going to get yarn so that I can crochet these in every color!

20. Luxurious Lace Bikini/Bralette Pattern

This cute little set is so versatile that you can use it as a bikini or wear it everyday as a bralette.

Simple with cute detailing around the edges, it’ll make the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe.

Grab a bunch of different colors to make it colorful or keep it solid, it’s up to you!

That’s the great thing about these patterns. You can truly customize them to make them your own.

Because let’s be honest, there’s no “one size fits all”.

21. Sassy Seashell Bikini Pattern

Unique? Check.

Adorable? Check.

Super easy to follow pattern? Check.

This bikini has it all! It’s a super simple DIY that you could get done over the weekend but it stands out because of the cute little seashell detailing.

I’ve never seen anything like this before and now I want ten of them.

22. Lace Boho Dream Bikini Pattern


Seriously, look at all of the detailing that went into making this bathing suit!

I am swooning over here.

I saw this one and thought, “There’s no way I could make this.”

But the pattern proved me wrong and now I’m on my way to the craft store for some yarn!

If I can do it, so can you!

23. Stunning Striped Crochet Bikini Pattern DIY

This one is my favorite on the list because it just screams summer to me.

It’s bright, it’s fun and it’s perfect for long days at the beach or bouncing around beach bars.

It’s also super simple and will hold up for years as long as you buy a good quality yarn to make it with.

The beach is calling my name and I must go!

24. Matching Crochet Bikini Set Pattern with Hat

If you’re looking for an entire matching set, look no further!

Bikini top? We’ve got it.

Bikini bottoms? Yup, accounted for!

A sun hat to keep the sun out of your eyes? Of course!

Customize this cute little set with different colors of yarn and you’ve got an entire little outfit for a fraction of the cost it would’ve been to buy it.

Not to mention, this one comes with bragging rights because you made it with your own two hands.

25. Fabulous Scandalous One Piece Bathing Suit Pattern

Do we call this one a one piece or a two piece?

Either way, how adorable and sexy is this?

There are so many different intricate patterns throughout that it honestly looks like it was purchased at a boutique.

It’s so unique that it’ll quickly become your favorite piece in your bathing suit drawer.

The pattern is so simple to follow that you’ll have it done in no time!

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