We wouldn’t have thought of it… To avoid tanning marks and to have a push-up effect, some decided to tie their bikini top in a surprising way.

On social networks, a trend is becoming increasingly popular: the Upside Down Bikini. It all started with the Italian model Valentina Fradegrada. To have a push-up effect with simple triangles and avoid tanning marks, she started to tie her swimsuit differently.

We reassure you, contrary to what its name indicates, there is no question of putting her bikini upside down. Simply, instead of tying it around the neck, she makes a knot above her breasts. In a tuto she posted on Instagram, Valentina Fradegrada explains her technique. She puts the bottom of her bra on in the classic way, then ties the strings of the top just above her breasts by tightening very tightly before hiding the loops in her swimsuit. This way, no more tan marks on the shoulders and push-up effect guaranteed. And the young woman has created a real fashion effect! More and more people adopt this trend on the social network, so much so that she created an account to record all the photos.


Upside Down Bikini, we adopt it or not?

On the positive side, this method of tying your swimsuit avoids white marks on the neckline, but you can very well obtain the same effect with a simple headband. For those who would be complexed by their small chest, it is also a way to highlight it. And if, at the end of the summer, you start to get tired of your bikini, it can be a good way to renew it without buying another one.

On the other hand, we find that the Upside Down Bikini has a few significant drawbacks. First of all, you need to have breasts that are just the right size: if they are too small, the bikini won’t hold in place, and if they are too big, they might escape. Then, we say to ourselves that there are strong chances that it will not hold if there is a little wave or if we want to play beach volleyball… To be reserved for walks by the water or photos posted on Instagram, then.


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