It’s almost summer, and I firmly believe that everything should be for every occasion and season…well, organized. Therefore, there is no excuse for not traveling to and from the beach in style and without creating a mess in your beach bag. Do YOU (like many of my girlfriends) gripe that your wet bikinis are disorganized, tangled up, and get the rest of the stuff wet?

Here are my top 5 favorite and stylish things to store your bikini in:


Simple and safe

Drawstring Bikini Pouch

This one is really easily found on line


Fun and more personalized

Wet Biking Zipper Bag

Wet Bikini Zipper bags are a bit more useful and entertaining. You can find them in many different personalized styles and they will protetct your beach bag from getting wet


Different and unexpected

Any oversized Designer Sunglass Case

You can either buy one at any thrift store or use your old one. This is for those who are smart and don’t want to waste too much money and time on finding the perfect bikini bag


Chic yet very practical – for those of you who really want to bring the style on

Designer Bikini Pouch

No need to say more.


And my personal favorite

Capri Hanging Cosmetics Bag

Because it has three different compartments for your two-piece, there is still room for an additional pouch to hold your small accessories. It neatly folds into a clutch that fits perfectly. You can purchase these at any drugstore or, if you prefer, go to my friends at the Container Store for a fancier version.

Enjoy the summer!

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