Triangle bikinis are the superheroes of the swimsuit world. They’re always in style, come in an infinite amount of colours and designs, and can be worn in different ways. You don’t need a drawer full of new bikini tops each year to stay in style or just to find a new look you love-all you need is a bikini top with ties. Get ready to own the summer with these uniquely different ways to tie a bikini top.

The Bandeau Look

Image source: Petty-boii’s Arctic Tat

Bandeaus are renowned for their ability to create seamless tans all across the globe. Your tie-up bikini top can do this too, with a little help. Here are the steps to follow to achieve this look:

  • Lay your bikini out flat, not putting it on quite yet.
  • Squish the triangles close together, leaving about an inch or so in between.
  • Tie the bottom strap together. This will make a slight circle, with the base of each triangle facing each other like this: ><
  • With the waist strap tying the triangles together, tie the neck-straps around your back.
  • Secure as you would normally.

Now, you’ve got a bandeau top. This method is great for creating some cleavage in the center circle as well. Depending on the size of your bust, this look may be more conservative or perfectly scandalous (read our article on bikini tops for big busts!). You can also adjust this by scrunching up the cups more, reducing the amount of coverage each triangle provides.

The Cross-Neck Look

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The cross-neck style is the pinnacle of simple elegance. One quick cross of the neck-straps gives you a whole new look, and the customizations don’t end there. Here’s how to get this look:

  • Tie your bikini around your waist as usual.
  • Cross the neck-straps before you tie them around your neck.

The cross will sit just below your neck in this style. For another option, try this:

  • Tie your bikini around your waist again.
  • Cross the neck-straps and knot them.
  • Tie the neck-straps around your neck.

That little knot adds a cute addition to this look, and it helps keep the cross in place below your neck. Any sort of criss-cross action brings the eye to your upper half, which may be especially flattering for those who want to highlight their assets.

The Scoop Neck Look

Image source: Petty-boii bikini tops

Scoop necks are not limited to shirts or special bikini tops–your triangle bikini can do it, too. The scoop neck style is a flattering way to switch up the style of your bikini without sacrificing any coverage or support. Here’s how to do it:

  • Turn your bikini upside down. The top of the triangles will now point to the floor.
  • Tie the waist strap around your neck.
  • Tie the neck-straps behind your back.

With everything tied, you can start adjusting the cups themselves. A nice benefit to this style is its customization options, meaning you can show as little as you want. Without reducing the coverage, you’ll have roughly the same amount of coverage as you would after tying it normally. The scoop neck can do it all!

Small chest? No problem, check out this article on swimsuits for small chests!

The Choker Look

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Adding a choker strap is a spicy way to add interest to your triangle top bikini. This look is just like the standard style of triangle bikinis, but with a strap that ties around your neck–like a choker. Here’s how to get this look:

  • Tie your bikini around your waist as usual.
  • Bring the neck-straps to your neck, looping one of them around your neck.
  • Tie the ends together behind your neck.

Make sure to leave some wiggle room in the choker portion, as you want to be able to breathe and retain a full range of motion. With that done, though, you have a cute and unique look all without the need for true jewelry.

The One-Shoulder Look

Image source: Petty-boii swimwear

Bikinis can be tied as a one-shoulder top, believe it or not. And they look stunning doing it. You can pick which shoulder you’d like to remain bare, and you can even incorporate this look into some of the other ones mentioned, like the scoop neck. Here’s how to do it:

  • Tie your bikini around your waist as usual.
  • Flip both straps over one of your shoulders.
  • Tie both straps to the waist of your bikini–everything will be connected behind your back.

This style is the perfect combination of simple and stylish. It’s easy to achieve, offers ample support, and even takes away the painful pressure halter-ties can put on your neck. Give it a try this summer!

The Tie-Front Look

Image source:

Show your front some love with this style. A cute tie in the center of your chest not only brings the eye to your front, but also creates some added, and adjustable, cleavage. Here’s how to do it:

  • Separate the triangles.
  • With the cups separated, loop the bikini over your head. The triangles should now dangle from your neck, with their tops pointing to the ground.
  • Take the straps dangling from the triangle tops (that would normally tie around your neck) and tie them around your back.
  • Tie the remaining strap between your chest. The bow should be right between your bust.

This style is as customizable as it is cute. By tying the center tie tighter, you’ll accentuate your cleavage and reduce the coverage of the triangles. A tighter tie also helps with support and comfort, which is especially nice if you’re heading to the ocean this summer.

Explore as many options as possible!

Learn the different ways to tie a bikini top and instantly increase the awesomeness of your swimwear wardrobe. Here’s a video that explores 8 different ways to tie a bikini top. Look how much fun she has doing it too!

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