Going to the beach isn’t just about relaxing and getting tan; it’s also about having a blast! All you need for beach volleyball to be played is a volleyball (or other ball of a similar size), a net, and some willing players. It’s also inexpensive, entertaining, and simple to set up.

Beach volleyball, which emerged around the same time as modern surfing, shares the laid-back mindset of surfing. There is no appropriate or suggested attire because the game is played on sand, and the vast majority of players wear whatever is most comfortable for them. Even at the professional level, most athletes play barefoot. Beach volleyball is accessible to all people, easy on the body, and a great way to stay active and meet new people while at the shore. Any reputable sporting goods store will carry a decent volleyball and net for a fair price.

Like indoor volleyball, the rules are very similar. Beach volleyball courts are 8 meters by 16 meters in size, but you can easily alter this to fit your level of play. Ideally, the net will be 2 to 2.5 meters above the ground. On each side of the net, a team typically has two players. An opponent must make a mistake for the opposing team to lose a point, or a team must manage to ground the ball in their court. A mistake typically involves failing to cross the net to bring the ball back into play, either by hitting the net or sending the ball outside the lines of the game. A player cannot touch the ball on consecutive occasions, and teams are only allowed a maximum of three contacts with the ball per player. In order to start each point, one player from each team serves the ball into the opposing team’s court area.

The first team to win two sets in a match generally prevails. Matches typically follow a best-of-three format. One team must score 21 points in a set, outscoring the opposition by a minimum of 2.

Certain jargon might be confusing when you’re just starting out. In particular, a “dig” is a shot made when you scoop the ball up while it is low. Another common shot is the “spike,” which involves slamming the ball forcefully downward into the area of the opponent. There are a few more, but the more you play, the faster you’ll pick them up.

Naturally, it is not necessary to adhere to these regulations to the letter of the law. It doesn’t matter if the net is a little too low or you’re using a football to play; the most important thing is to enjoy yourself! When played with the right attitude, beach volleyball is a laid-back sport that is enjoyable. Go hard, keep it lighthearted, and make an effort to get along with your rivals.

Beach volleyball is one of the best ways to stay active while at the beach because it is so much fun and so easily accessible to everyone. Set up a game with your friends the next time you go to the beach and see how many people join you!

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