Even though the infamous Brazilian Waxing is mentioned in animated films like Robots, people are still perplexed as to what it actually entails. Here are five frequently asked questions about waxing that are addressed because my mother welcomes new first-timers every week and many of them are unaware of what to expect. By using a hot or cold wax, unwanted hair can be removed. Brazilian waxing removes hair from the bikini area, including the pubic area.

The automatic thought when one says Brazilian Bikini Waxing is the removal of all pubic hair so the first question is-

1-Do you have to wax every hair on your pubis? You get to choose; it’s up to you. In terms of waxing, this is primarily an American myth. As the name suggests, bikini waxing is intended to remove hair that may be visible when wearing a bathing suit from the bikini line, leaving a clean, fresh appearance. The inner thigh, a strip or triangle look, and the bikini line are all procedures that the majority of Brazilians have. But keep in mind that when you go to a waxing salon and ask for a Brazilian bikini wax, what you really mean is that you want all of your pubic hair removed, so be specific.

2-What variations of looks can I get? When American customers request this, they mean completely strip it, according to BBW. The area where those hairs have been present all your life will have a shadowy, or tinted, appearance.

The landing strip, or “Hitler look,” is a rectangular strip that is very near the inner genitalia.

Triangle: This is more in line with what Brazilians actually get. The goal is to get rid of any hair that would show through a Brazilian bikini (not a thong, which is another common misconception about Brazilian swimwear). But because your inner thigh connects to your but area, it is very thoroughly done.

A few estheticians have received training in pubic hair design, where they use wax to create designs on the pubic hair like hearts, flowers, circles, and other shapes. The majority of the time, this is done for special occasions.

3- What does it mean when they say “turn around and let us do you your back”?

If a wax specialist says, “Okay, turn around and let us do your back,” what does that actually mean? It means that the inner butt cheeks will be cleaned of any unwanted hair. Since that skin is so thick and rough, it doesn’t. I had no idea this was a thing until I went to a salon in Brazil and asked for a bikini wax. When the woman said okay, turn around, I thought I had no idea what she was about to do and I chickened out. I was only okay the second time. Having someone look inside is very strange, but it feels great afterwards and gives your wax a nice finishing touch.

4- What kinds of wax are there to choose from?

Cold or hot wax:

Most people who wax their brows, upper lips, underarms, etc. are familiar with the differences between cold wax and hot wax. Because of how it is applied, hot wax is preferred because the heat helps to dilate the pores and facilitates the removal of the hair follicle. Cold wax is fading into obscurity but is still available, and it aids in teaching people how to cope with pain.

Honey, resin, algae, and even chocolate are currently the most popular types of wax. varying in hues from aqua blue to dark chocolate to honey. Certain types of wax may cause allergic reactions in some people. Inquire about the type of wax used because I once broke out from using a certain wax.

5. How is it applied?

The esthetician uses a plastic tube that contains hot wax and applies it by rolling it on or using a stick. Rolling on the wax, they then scrape it off with a piece of designated paper or cloth. Since a wider range is needed and it saves time, this is preferred for legs. Stick: A wooden stick is used to wax the upper lip, underarms, and bikini area. Plastic: In Brazil, wax is occasionally pre-fixed on plastic pieces before being slabbed on and peeled off. For small areas, there is a special wax that can be applied with a stick and removed with a finder. It is easy to quickly remove this wax with a finger after it quickly hardens. I personally prefer this method because it is quick and uncomfortable-free, but I have family members in Brazil perform it for me. Cloth: After applying the wax with the stick, the wax is removed using pieces of loincloth.

Happy Waxing!

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