Ever been to a rating (also known as HOT or NOT) website? On the Internet, these kinds of battlegrounds are rising in popularity. These websites may be considered vain or even desperate attempts to feed one’s inflated ego by some. This may not be the case, in my opinion. Quite the opposite, I would say. One of the main reasons a person might submit to these kinds of websites is validation.

Look At The Success Of Recent Makeover Shows

I think the popularity of various modern makeover programs serves as proof. These well-liked programs typically cover subjects like weight loss, cosmetic surgery, dental work, and various major or minor superficial particulars. The difference between the HOT and the NOT is smaller than it has ever been.

Due to the popularity of these shows and the exposure of the men and (mostly) women, people are inclined, right or wrong, to ask for other’s opinions. They want to know how other people view them, especially in terms of their overall appearance, so they can make improvements. Finding unbiased (or uninfluenced) opinions from the general public is now much simpler thanks to the Internet. Typically, people choose without second-guessing… Hot or Not?

Why Do You Want To Submit Yourself For Review?

Contrary to popular belief, a lot of people seek objective criticism that is helpful in a variety of situations. I think curiosity also plays a significant part in it. Some sites rate people with a rating scale between “1” and “10”. “1” being NOT and “10”, of course, being HOT. Generally people want or strive to be a “10”; a “10” represents perfection. Most people, I think, are aware that a “10” is not usually obtainable. People may have preconceived notions about how they would rate themselves or how others would rate them before submitting to a rating website. People frequently wonder whether their actual behavior will be consistent with their idealized self.

The Website’s Responsibility

Now that that is said, should the rating website be held accountable? I’ve seen some websites do this by making sure that even the reviews for the lowest ratings aren’t overly critical, so I do believe that is the case. I generally concur with this strategy, and I applaud these websites greatly for their efforts. Harsh, or even abusive, criticism cannot result in anything positive.

I beg you to look at one of these rating sites for yourself, whether you concur with me or vehemently disagree. Beauty perception is incredibly individualized. To quote the great Selma Hayek: “The expression “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is frequently used, but I contend that the most empowering aspect of beauty is realizing that you are the beholder. This enables us to see beauty where others have shied away, including within ourselves.”

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