There will definitely be some bikini competitions on the beaches during spring break, you can count on that.

Here are some advice to help you beat out the competition if you’re planning to compete in a bikini contest this spring.

The best place to start is with a hot body. In comparison to the other contestants who have not been to the gym recently, a toned bathing suit beauty will have a clear advantage. Hang your bikini in the bathroom if you need some extra inspiration to get off the couch and start exercising.

An excellent stage trick is to use accessories. High heels always look sexier than anything else. They not only look great, but they will also help highlight the tone of your thighs and calves’ muscles.

Another crucial aspect is smiling. The judges and audience are more likely to notice you quickly if you appear to be having fun. Bikini-clad competitors with expressionless faces are not going to do well in the competition.

Do not hesitate to make out with the crowd. The audience will cheer and pay you more attention if you shake your booty on stage.

The more skin exposed, the better in this bikini competition. I don’t recommend stripping on stage, but pick your bikinis carefully. You’ll attract much more attention than a tankini if you’re wearing a hot-looking thong bikini.

The goal of a bikini contest is to have fun while showcasing your attractive body. So let go of your inhibitions and enter the stage.

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