You’re looking for a fun occasion to invite all of your friends to. Why not host a party in costume wearing a bikini? People can meet and socialize in a wonderful way through it. It isn’t even necessary for it to be a holiday. You could host a straightforward get-together for your closest friends only.

Here are a few suggestions for how to create homemade bikini costumes using cheap materials you can probably find in your closet. You can host the event at a nearby beach where guests can test out their swimsuits in the water, or you can reserve a room at a spa so that your guests can stay indoors. If it’s going to be a dry beaching party, just host it at your house.

Little Red Riding Hood

Simply take out your red Brazilian bikini and wrap it around your head in red. Pull out a red sweater, just button the top button, and throw it over your shoulders. Add a pair of white knee-high boots to complete the look.

Cat Woman

Get your high-heeled black boots and a black thong bikini out. Find that black choker to wear around your neck and grab a black belt for your waist. At the dollar store, look in the toys section for a black eye mask.


Bring out your hidden plaid bikini. Tie a handkerchief around your neck. Put some cowboy boots on. Put pigtails in your hair and wear a loose belt around your waist. Put on some brown suede gloves if you have them for an extra touch.


Find the best blue or grey string bikini you have. Don a suit jacket in either blue or gray. The finishing touch would be a pair of sheer blue or grey pantyhose and blue or grey stiletto heels. To make it official, put on a hat and a tie.

These are merely a few ideas to get you started. I’m confident you’ll think of some original ideas once you start looking through your closet. Be imaginative, and keep in mind that this is a costume party where you can be whoever you like. Have fun.

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