Today’s consumers find bikini wax to be increasingly appealing and popular. It is understandable why hair wax shops have gradually seen an increase in customers over time. But for those who will be experiencing first time bikini wax, it will be best to read first the 10 most frequently asked question with regards to this method:

What is bikini wax?

Bikini waxing is the process of removing body hair from the pubic or genital region to prevent unwanted hair from showing when wearing thongs, bikinis, or lingerie. It removes hair from the bikini area by using a thick, specialized wax; hence, the name.

Exist any particular techniques for bikini waxing?

A lot of options are available to customers, so yes. There is the standard bikini wax, the hair wax in the shape of hearts and other shapes, and the ever-popular Brazilian wax job.

What makes each different?

The manner in which hairs are removed determines how each bikini waxing technique differs from the others. Basic bikini waxing only removes hair from certain areas, such as the buttocks and hairs around the lining of the pubic area, whereas Brazilian bikini waxing typically removes more hair and typically results in a very thin strip of hair lining.

Can I complete it on my own?

While it is possible to use some styles or techniques alone, it is strongly discouraged. There are professionals or licensed aestheticians who are fully trained to perform this procedure. Instead of taking a chance on injuries by performing the procedure alone, it would be wiser to visit a hair waxing clinic.

Will the effects be long-lasting?

It will really depend on the bikini waxing technique you select, but in general, they really do have lasting effects.

The best course of action to take in order to feel confident using this approach is

Asking those who have had their bikini waxed is not something to be afraid of. Or, for more reliable guidance, speak with a hair wax expert.

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