The coming of summer brings back memories of itch that never stops, ingrown hairs, and blood spots. Recollections that might be prompting you to consider whether it’s time you mustered the courage for a bikini wax. You might be weighing the benefits of frequent shaving versus four glorious weeks of pain-free skin.

Make sure your decision to get a bikini wax is not impulsive. The spontaneity and fun of last-minute vacations may outweigh the redness and soreness that a last-minute bikini wax will cause. Waxing your bikini should be done at least 24 hours before you wear one.

Self-bikini waxing for the first time is another no-no. Visit a salon; good ones will be quick and effective as they spend all day waxing bikini lines. Make sure the technician has a clear understanding of your needs when you arrive at the salon. Make it clear, for instance, if you want a high bikini line.

If they haven’t already asked you to do so, they will trim your pubic hair as soon as you arrive. The bikini line area is then treated with warm wax using a wooden stick. Over the wax, warm strips are then applied. When the wax is solid, the strips are pulled off along with hair and dead skin cells.

Within 15 to 20 minutes, everything should be finished. In terms of discomfort, if you’ve ever had your legs waxed, you probably already have a good idea of how much it will hurt. If not, you should be aware that reports can range from being uncomfortably painful to extremely painful. The good news is that you will be given some soothing cream or lotion, which ought to help. Once it’s over, leave and when you get home, put on some comfortable clothing and loose-fitting underwear. Your bikini wax should last for four to six weeks.

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