With more and more people aiming to create hearts, triangles, and flowers as their pubic hair styles, shaving the pubic area has evolved into an art form. Today’s women choose a pubic hairstyle that best suits their personality.

Waxing can be used to create straightforward pubic hair styles. The least radical style is a French or full bikini wax, whereas the most radical is a Brazilian. Hair is removed from both sides and above the bikini area with a French wax. But if you opt for a Brazilian wax, you’ll either have no pubic hair at all or only a small “landing strip” of hair. Where hair is left on the labia, it grows in a strip that is two to three fingers wide.

The pubic hair on the outside of the panty line is removed during a bikini wax. In the case of a playboy bikini wax, hair from the butt crack and the labial area are removed, leaving the front with just a small strip of skin. As the models in this place wear this style, it was named after Playboy magazine.

You should visit a salon to have your bikini waxed because you cannot do this on your own. A Brazilian wax must be performed at a salon or spa, even though a French bikini wax may be performed at home. Make sure to express your preferred bikini waxing method to the person waxing your bikini for you when you visit the salon. If you don’t specify your needs, you might leave the salon with more or less than you had anticipated.

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