Ever wonder what makes a beauty salon so unique?

Most people don’t, but like the saying goes in many things in life, ‘the devils in the detail!”

What trade secrets does your beautician possess regarding Brazilian and Bikini waxing?

Well, to begin with, they are probably highly trained, which means they have likely performed hundreds or even thousands of waxings.

This means that when you walk in the door wanting to look extra special for that “hot date” or the “special man” in your life, they will know exactly how to help.

Quite simply, a top beautician will have worked with many skin types and of women and men of different ages.

The mainstay of a beautician’s business is bikini waxing.

The majority of beauticians are technically capable of treating people with sun-damaged skin, coarse hair, and pretty much any skin type. Although not everyone is suitable for waxing (always consult your doctor before beginning any treatment), this does not imply that everyone can.

It does mean that your beautician will most likely have seen it all before, so don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed with being un-dressed from the waist down. You’ll be in very capable hands.

One of the real “secrets” of beauticians is their trained ability to work with all skin sensitivities, ensuring that you not only look great with your new style but that any pain or discomfort is minimized as well.

Women have very different levels of sensitivity in the bikini area.

So, as you can see, there are a ton of different hair removal methods, a ton of different people, all ages, and a variety of skin types and qualities.

And so when I’m asked questions on Home waxing and how easy it is for a non-beautician to do, I usually answer by asking a few questions;

1. Why do you want to try waxing yourself, first of all?

2. Have you ever received a professional wax in a salon?

3. Did the results of the salon wax satisfy you?

Usually, these inquiries help women choose which salons offer the best services for their requirements.

However, visiting a salon won’t help you much if your goals are to save time or money, increase convenience, or address privacy issues.

In any case, I would always advise someone who has never had their bikini waxed to first speak with their doctor to determine whether they are a good candidate for waxing, and then find a qualified, licensed beautician to discuss their hair removal needs in a salon.

You may find the answer you’re looking for in at-home waxing, but don’t just dive in and start ripping!

Once more, in this situation, the years of experience your beautician has can be extremely helpful. Like any skill, learning to wax takes time and effort.

Although learning how to wax at home may be a goal of yours, it’s not worth getting hurt while you’re still a beginner.

To your waxing success,


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