Think again if you believe that interacting with your pubic area is one of the most private activities. It has become increasingly popular among women of all ages in recent years to pluck pubic hair the Brazilian way, which involves removing almost all pubic hair and leaving only a thin line on the frontal area of the sexual organ.

You may need to expose yourself in front of a cosmetician to get the Brazilian bikini wax look, much like you would when visiting a gynecologist.

No one is exactly sure how many women receive a Brazilian wax, but there is no denying that the Brazilian bikini wax industry is worth millions of dollars. According to market studies conducted in the United States, sales of razors for both men and women have decreased by 15% over the past two years.

Unexpectedly, women in other countries started plucking their pubic hair before the Brazilians. Ancient Egyptian women used a small piece of leather, honey, and oil to remove their pubic hair.

Women in the Middle East used a solution of water, sugar, and lemon juice to remove their pubic hair. To maintain purity, the Brazilian bikini wax procedure typically started the night before the wedding.

The first pubic hair removal products and razors debuted in American department stores in the 1920s. The bikini was created during World War II when swimsuit manufacturers were asked to cut back on the amount of leather they used. Then, unsightly and embarrassing hair emerged.

Women tried to shave and burn their unwanted pubic hair, harming their pubic area, because they didn’t know how else to get rid of it. In American department stores in the 1960s, the first Brazilian wax was visible.

There are numerous ways to get rid of pubic hair today. The two most popular ones are a Brazilian bikini wax and a professional pubic hair shave.

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