In this article, we will examine both the benefits and drawbacks of waxing so you can decide whether to undergo this common beauty procedure. More and more women are thinking about getting a bikini or Brazilian wax.

Even though it is now more common than ever before, waxing of the pubic area is actually thousands of years old.

In the past, waxing was popular in places like India, Persia, and Greece. It has a number of benefits, and today, more and more women are learning about these benefits as both types of waxing gain popularity.


For many women, having a hairless pubic area is liberating because it is clean and allows them to wear skimpy bikinis, swimwear, and revealing lingerie without feeling self-conscious if they have thick or strong pubic hair growth.

Last but not least, it is regarded as sensual by both men and women and also aids many women in having more fulfilling sex.

While each waxing session takes about 30 minutes, it must be routinely performed every 3 to 4 weeks, much like a manicure.

What is the difference between a Brazilian and bikini wax

Brazilian waxing removes hair from the front, back, and everything in between, while bikini waxing only removes the hair that is visible around the bikini line.

On many occasions, a “landing strip” is left, but many people want everything taken away from the area.

Before trying the more extreme Brazilian wax, if you have never had a wax, you should first try the bikini wax.


The main problem most women have are following

1. The embarrassment factor

Although your doctor, waxer, or therapist have likely seen it all before, there is really nothing more embarrassing than that—or changing in front of other girls at the gym—than having someone remove hair from their pubic region.

2. The pain factor

Yes, it can hurt since your pubic hair is waxed and the hair is pulled out from the roots during both the bikini wax and the Brazilian wax.

In the majority of cases, the pain is not as bad as expected, and because you must get them frequently (like with many cosmetic procedures), it lessens over time as more waxings are performed.


The majority of women think that having their hair removed is a small price to pay for a clean, sensual appearance.

In subsequent articles in this series, we will examine the costs of the precise procedures used and how to choose the best waxers.

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