In the state of Utah, Brazilian waxing has developed into an intriguing phenomenon. Women and men are learning the advantages of waxing, especially the Brazilian-Bikini, from Saint George, which is on our southern border, all the way up through Salt Lake City and north to our border.

Who performs this kind of waxing, then?

The Brazilian craze, in my opinion, cannot be divided into nice, tidy categories. Everyone, including you, is waxing like a Brazilian! You might be one of those people who thinks about a Brazilian bikini wax for days or even weeks before deciding to actually commit to waxing. It’s one of those rites of passage that can make you feel tempted, teased, and yet terrified. You might be one of those people who visits a salon alone in case they get the jitters during their first waxing, or with their partner or best friend.

Fear not; as the demand increases, more salons and estheticians are providing this priceless service. Here are a few intriguing things to think about before making your appointment.

It almost goes without saying that you should thoroughly investigate the person and salon that will perform this intimate waxing. The amount of experience the waxer has, the type of license she holds (hopefully an esthetics license), and her conception of what a Brazilian wax actually is should all be the subject of further investigation.

For the majority of people, a Brazilian involves COMPLETE hair removal from front to back. Mysteriously, I don’t know if the Brazilian girls actually did each and every hair. Additionally, it is irrelevant. A Brazilian, as long as it includes the back crack, can be every hair or every hair BUT a small strip in the front– often referred to as a “landing strip” (That must be a pilot’s invention!) Anyway, one common complaint I’ve heard from “those who have waxed” is that the back crack is often avoided.

One more significant piece of advice…when researching your salon or esthetician please please please do not be fooled by anyone claiming that it won’t hurt. Really, people, what are we doing? We are removing your body’s hair. I doubt that anyone would consider that to be a pleasurable experience. Certainly not while it is happening to you. The severity of the pull of the tiny hairs from the follicle won’t be lessened by using any special type of wax.

Having said that, the amount of pain you will experience really depends on the esthetican performing the service. Although it hurts, you won’t die from it. Does it give you more strength? I’m not sure about that one, but I am aware that hundreds of people try Brazilian waxing every month, and it is not an isolated incident! The growth of hair becomes finer and thinner as you wax more. The pain decreases as you wax more. You feel sexier as you wax more.

Waxing…is no longer limited to the brows. Do you dare to try a Brazilian wax?

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