A relatively recent technique, laser hair removal can significantly improve problem areas for people with unwanted or excessive hair if properly applied to the right skin type.

Laser hair removal is available to both men and women, so don’t feel daft about enquiring on treatment if you’re a guy with a bushy back or neck as this is a common request. The upper lip and bikini line are the two female body parts that receive the most treatment.

A safe laser beam is directed at the hair follicles at a specific frequency to neutralize the pigment in them and eventually render them completely inoperable. This is the basic principle behind laser hair removal.

A lot of happy customers have reported great success with this clever process. It is not universally effective, and if multiple courses are required to completely remove the problematic hair, the cost can be high.

People with light-colored skin and dark hair are the best candidates for laser hair removal. Hair laser removal on dark-skinned people is not as effective, as the laser has a layer of dark-pigmented skin to pass through first before reaching the hair follicle, thus reducing the overall effectiveness of the laser beam.

Even though they are effective for a brief period of time, traditional hair removal techniques like waxing and electrolysis ultimately take more time and don’t seem to solve the issue. Laser hair removal can eventually leave you with smooth, hair-free skin because it is quick and efficient.

This may sound like a sales pitch, but it isn’t; it’s just a comparison of one hair removal technique to the others. Although laser hair removal is pricey, it is unquestionably preferable to having to constantly pluck, shave, or wax until the end of time if it will permanently remove your unwanted hair.

You should be careful when selecting a laser hair removal clinic, as with any other type of treatment, because outcomes can vary greatly and improper use of laser equipment has led to first-degree burns in some cases. Check online for customer reviews before deciding on a particular clinic, or better yet, try to speak with someone who has already completed a treatment course there.

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