The new Aubergine, San Diego’s hottest club, had big shoes to fill after so many fond memories at the previous location. However, it became obvious that FLUXX was the way of the future of nightlife after just ten minutes inside. Because of the involvement of RMD Group (the people behind Side Bar) and the design by Davis Kumins, an Orange County LEGEND, there was a lot of hype surrounding the opening of FLUXX. However, I was proven to be mistaken.

The entire nightlife industry has entered a new era of innovation thanks to FLUXX. FLUXX was designed to be adaptable to the constantly evolving club scene, which is reflected in the name of the company. It has a special design that makes it possible to completely change themes, and it promises to do this each month. Because FLUXX will completely change throughout the year, I adore this concept because clubs can quickly become monotonous. They also offer a “FLUXX ME” cocktail, which varies depending on the time of year!

I was impressed right away after entering the doors. The venue’s entire decor has an organic theme, which was awesome! Genuine examples of nature can be found all over the club, from moss-covered surfaces to old tree logs. It had an AMAZING sound system. I adore that FLUXX has made such a big effort to get people back on the dance floors—no other club in San Diego has spent this much money on their music system! Contrary to the Aubergine’s multiple rooms, FLUXX has made the majority of the space into a massive dance floor with unmatched light displays, smoke effects, and even wind simulators!

My girlfriends and I managed to score a spot at one of the VIP tables, which are elevated around the dance floor designed to resemble a bullring. The service was the best I’ve ever had in San Diego, and the location was fantastic as well. Our VIP host, a man by request;), saw to it that we were happy the entire evening. He even accompanied us to the bathroom. The Tree House VIP master table, which has space for about 20 people and includes go-go dancers, is what I’m most interested in for the following time. The bottle service girls all had really cute outfits, and the entire staff was HOT. We felt cared for and safe in addition to being taken care of. Even though the venue was crowded, FLUXX had plenty of security, which kept things under control.

Would I revisit Fluxx? I’ll be there again this weekend thanks to the amazing service, hot guys and girls, and innovative club atmosphere.

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