Houston’s male spas and salons are in high demand. Long the domain of women, particularly celebrities, such spa services as bikini waxing, full body waxing, permanent hair removal, and others like full body massages among men in Houston are on the rise and appointments to the area spas have surged. For a variety of reasons, Houston men are going to spas. The men simply want to appear fashionable and acceptable, especially during the summer when they frequently don low-cut jeans and swim trunks. Male waxing is becoming more popular in Houston for hygienic reasons. More hair means more sweating and dirt accumulation in the hot and muggy Houston climate. For instance, waxing can undoubtedly impart a feeling of freshness. Finally, there are those who believe that waxing increases sexual arousal. Regardless of your reasons, if you are looking for a spa in Houston that does male body hair removal, massages, laser hair removal, bikini waxing and more, here are a few areas where they seem to be in reasonable concentrations:

  • Sugarland
  • Memorial City
  • Westchase District
  • West University area
  • In addition, Houston’s downtown…

Male spas are becoming increasingly popular among Houston’s men because they are not only hygienic and can improve sexual stimulation, but they are also becoming more and more fashionable. With numerous advertisements and magazine images featuring both men and women in skimpy trunks and bikinis, it is clear that the media has weighed in on the advantages of being smooth. In a lot of advertisements, magazine articles, and splash covers, semi-naked models—both male and female—are a common sight.

Another theory holds that having no hair increases a person’s sex appeal. There is no hard evidence to support this, but that hasn’t stopped men of all ages from thronging to spas and salons in the Houston area to have their bikini area shaved clean.

Only ten years ago, finding a spa in Houston that provides male spa and salon services was uncommon, but things have changed. There are several spas that serve both men and women along the Bellaire corridor between Sharpstown Mall and Highway 6 in the Vietnamese and Chinese neighborhoods of the city. Some people do not advertise, but many are starting to. Even though the prices are sometimes deterring to the average person, there are many spas in the Houston area that are starting to charge reasonable prices for men to get their bikinis waxed.

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