A lot of girls have always aspired to walk the runway, appear on famous fashion spreads in magazines, or strike a pose in those commercials. Magazines, on the other hand, frequently feature a particular type of modeling that both men and women (of course in different ways) lust after. Enter the world of bikini modeling, where models display their skills in the sexiest clothing for all to see. Though becoming a bikini model appears to be as simple as posing and having someone take the picture, it actually requires extensive preparation. Here are a few pointers to help you get ready for a potential modeling career in the most glamorous form of female swimwear—the bikini.

Tone your body: You need to have a toned body to be deserving of that spread in Sports Illustrated or the neighborhood magazine. While in the past many men preferred barely there clothing on womanly curves, today it’s all about fitness and appearing as though one was born in a micro thong bikini or Brazilian micro bikini.

Groom yourself: Of course, after keeping your body in top shape and toning it, you can move on to the next step in becoming a bikini model: grooming yourself. Keeping your appearance tidy has never hurt anyone, and getting rid of unattractive hair in certain places will only increase your chances of making the cut. Most swimwear brands and fashion magazines look for models with a clean appearance because it exudes health and freshness.

Healthy eating enables aspiring models to fit comfortably into a set of micro or super micro bikinis. You can keep yourself in good physical and mental shape by eating the right things, getting enough rest, and exercising.

Place yourself out there: Always start small before going big. You can start by posing for local swimwear and gear businesses. Select projects carefully, being careful to choose offers that are in line with what you want to accomplish. You might also think about assembling a portfolio of your achievements, including print advertisements, videos, and other types of media. Those who are serious about pursuing a career in bikini modeling can hire an agent who can open up more opportunities for them.

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