Although purchasing a swimsuit is never easy, if you are aware of the styles that will work best for your body type, it can be bearable.

Here, the best styles for different body types:

If you’re pear-shaped… Consider a tank suit that has a top half of a bold color block. By minimizing your lower half, this will draw attention upward. Your legs will appear longer and leaner if they have high-cut legs. Additionally, because you might be a size smaller on top, search for two-piece suits that are sold separately for the tops and bottoms.

If you’re petite… You’ll look fantastic in a string bikini with a triangle top, as well as in a sportier two-piece outfit with boy shorts and a bandeau top. Or choose a straightforward tank with a vivid color or moderate to small print.

If you’re straight up and down… Boy shorts give your hips a little extra width, making a tankini or bikini with them surprisingly flattering. For the appearance of a more defined middle, choose a tank with a belt or a detail like a cutout at the waist. If you have a small bust as well, try wearing a suit with top details or patterns to elongate it.

If you’re big on top… Pick a suit with an athletic design or one with a front scoop neck that isn’t too low. For support, look for suits with built-in bras. If you’re curvy or plus-size… Leave the plain black tank behind! Choose a halter top to enhance your feminine shape instead, a one-piece with a deep V-neck to highlight cleavage, or a two-piece with an adjustable string-tie bottom (you can adjust the fit so it doesn’t pinch or pull). You can also achieve the ideal fit by purchasing tops and bottoms separately.

If you have a bit of a tummy… Try a dark-colored, strapless tank with a subtle tone-on-tone pattern. Alternately, try a shirred tank, which has concealing gathers to one side or across the belly. Additionally, a suit with side details detracts attention from your belly.

Find the suit that suits you the best now and go outside!

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