Be aware that most women do not find a brazilian bikini wax to be comfortable before you give it a try. Since you are dealing with your most private and delicate areas, pulling out your pubic hair and ripping it out from the roots is not the best feeling. Make sure a Brazilian bikini wax is what you want. You can have a full bikini wax or a standard wax, and the full wax may cause you less harm.

It would be best to wash and clean your pubic area in a long, warm shower as the first step. Then, using scissors or a razor, shorten your pubic hair until it measures a quarter-inch in length.

For a less painful process, use a hard wax (one that is low temperature). Before using the wax on your hair, smear it with a pre-waxing oil. This oil prevents it from sticking to the skin and makes it possible to apply the wax without using strips, which is much more comfortable. Each hair is essentially shrink-wrapped and pulled out from the root as the wax cools. With a pair of tweezers, you can get rid of some stubborn hair.

Put your legs up, on the sides, or even over your head, and use a large mirror to position yourself however you feel will be more comfortable. Stop if the pain becomes intolerable and wait to continue until you feel ready.

once you finished with the waxing process and you are happy with your brazilian bikini wax, you should apply a soothing lotion on your bikini area.

Your pubic area will remain smooth if the procedure is done correctly for anywhere between 14 and 25 days. For your initial brazilian bikini wax, we suggest that you visit a licensed salon. Observing the therapist and experiencing the discomfort and pain will allow you to decide whether you want to perform the next Brazilian wax on yourself.

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