Nowadays, there are so many colors, styles, and sizes of plus size string bikinis and swimwear that shopping is made simple, especially when you shop online and benefit from all the discounted prices.

You can easily find bikinis that complement your curvy body, whether you wear an extra large, 1x, 2x, or larger. While Hollywood fashion designers may try to deceive you into believing that being thin is in, you will quickly learn that many men prefer women who are more than just skin and bones when you speak to various groups of men.

The string bikini is one of the best options for plus size bikini wearers. It is a variation on the full brief bikini, but it sits high on the thighs and completely covers the tummy of a plus-sized woman. A string bikini enhances a woman’s leg, regardless of how big her thighs are. This style of bikini bottom is known as a Tanga in some circles. Imagine it as a bikini with more back support.

The plus size woman should look for solid colors when purchasing string bikinis rather than prints, florals, or stripes. Although wearing a bikini in colors like red, orange, or yellow tends to draw attention, standing tall and keeping your head held back will give you the same runway model flair. Everything depends on how self-assured you feel wearing your string bikini and how that is perceived.

Importantly, if you’re a plus-sized woman you should select a bikini bottom that isn’t a thong; instead, choose lycra or a stretch fabric that is large enough for your body size but doesn’t completely skimp on the coverage. The high-tied strings on your thighs will draw attention upward.

Definitely make an effort to avoid donning a pareo or a large swimsuit wrap after purchasing your figure-flattering bikini. Choose a spa-style beach robe in a very light color and fabric that doesn’t tie with a sash around your waist to accentuate your body type.

Additionally, the majority of online swimwear stores have a sizing chart with suggested bathing suit designs and colors. Before making your purchasing decisions, take a look at the options that feature women with bodies that are similar to yours in the photos. Finding the colors, styles, and sizes that work best for your body type is usually simple on online swimwear stores.

Additionally, many online bikini swimwear stores have a section just for women who want to select a bikini that will minimize their bust, hide their stomach, give them slimmer-looking hips, etc. Before making your selections, browse all of the online categories. Instead of spending hours at the mall and being dissatisfied with the store’s meager selection, it is simpler to shop online to find what you want.

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