Hear us out: finding the perfect swimsuit is a lot like falling in love. While your quest may start by searching for The One, along the way, you discover the infinite versatility of bikini styles that can make the journey even more enjoyable than the destination.

To that end, we couldn’t help ourselves: we tracked down 10 different ways to tie a triangle bikini top, each of which is bound (no pun intended!) to yield swoon-worthy results for your swimwear wardrobe this season.

Whether you’re looking for flattering bikinis for vacation, different ways to switch up your trusty triangle top, or just want to experiment with some crushable swim looks at home, keep reading to fall head over heels for your triangle top, season after season.

#1: The Upside-Down Tie-Up

Wondering how to tie bikini tops like your favorite icons? The Upside-Down Tie-Up knot, also known as the scoop neck, seems to be all over celebs’ Instagrams and style blogs these days.

To jump on the trend and “flip” your suit, follow these three steps:

  1. Flip the string  bikini top, so the ruching rests on the upper portion of your bust
  2. Tie the bottom strings around your neck
  3. Pull down the cups and tie the top two strings behind your back

You should wind up ruching along the wider bottom of the bikini cup, creating a ruched, scoop-like shape across your chest.

Bear in mind that the scoop neck offers less coverage and support than other tie methods, since the top portion of the cup provides less security underneath your breasts. But if you’re in the mood to take some paparazzi-worthy beach pics, flip away!

#2: The Bandeau

Is there anything more chic than a strapless swimsuit silhouette? Bandeau tops, whether swimwear or nightwear, offers an elegant, refined neckline that complements your décolletage and shoulders.

If you’re planning a long beach day with plenty of lounging in the store, this may be the option for you. As a bonus, you’ll avoid pesky tan lines (or that feeling of the shoulder strap digging into your skin—ouch).

Here’s how to tie triangle bikini tops for a vintage-inspired effect:

  1. Tie your top’s back strings as you normally would
  2. Cinch the top strings together at the sternum, pulling both cups together. It should look as though they glide seamlessly over your chest in a single band
  3. Tie the top strings in a bow at the center of your sternum. If your strings are on the longer side, wrap them around your body and secure them in the back

Even better? If you linger at the beach after dark, just toss on a long skirt or wide-leg pants and take your bandeau top into the moonlight for a breezy day-to-night ensemble.

#3: The T-Back

If you’re a creative spirit, you can’t go wrong with this inspired tie-up method. The T-back is one of our most popular swim top styles—and you can create one ad-hoc by following these simple steps:

  1. Tie the bottom strings behind the back as usual
  2. Draw the top strings around your neck
  3. Secure the top strings in a single knot at the nape of your neck
  4. Pull both excess strings down and knot them together in the middle of your back string

To add some variation to this look, try introducing some extra texture: you can twist your strings together like rope for a nautical feel, or even slide on some spare beads you have to add a boho vibe.

Swimwear lovers, take note: if the T-Back style is consistently on repeat in your closet, skip the DIY maneuvers and check out our T-Back collection!

#4: The V-Back

Like the T-Back, the V-Back can add some extra flare without completely altering your suit’s shape or fit.

Here’s how to pull it off:

  1. Tie the bottom strings around the back as you normally would
  2. Bring the top strings up and around each shoulder
  3. Tie the ends to the center of the bottom string, so they align with your spine
  4. Experiment with pushing the strings out along your shoulders to form a slim or wide V shape as you like.

This trend is ideal for making your shoulders appear broader or more narrow, according to your tastes. We recommend it for summer suits with longer top strings for maximum adjustability.

#5: The Crossed Back

Crossed-back tie-up styles add a twist to your usual V-Back—an effortless way to add intrigue without altering the silhouette of your adjustable coverage bikini top piece. What’s more, it might also offer some additional bust support by distributing weight evenly across your shoulders.

To try it out, follow these steps:

  1. Tie the bottom strings around the back as usual
  2. Cross the strings over one another behind your shoulders, creating an X-shape across your back
  3. Secure the ends of both strings to the bottom string

The Crossed Back is one of the best tie-up methods for highlighting your back, but it does take a bit of practice to execute.

To make it a breeze, lay your string bikini top on a flat surface to make these adjustments—it’s much easier than tethering it together blindly behind your back! Then, slip the swim top over your head, and voilà: the perfect subtle yet leveled-up look for your next pool party.

#6: The Bralette

The bralette is a quick, simple adjustment that holds the key to a mesmerizingly re-imagined swimsuit top. It’s also a must-try for those looking for better back and bust support.

Here’s how to work this romantic style:

  1. Tie the bottom strings as you normally would
  2. Pull the two top strings so they hit the far ends of your shoulders
  3. Secure the ends to where each hits the bottom string

If you’re swooning over the lovely, clean lines of this look and are ready to commit, check out our bralette bikini collection.

#7: The Front Tie

The front tie method makes one tiny adjustment to yield fireworks-level results.

All that’s required? Shifting your top tie to the front, like so:

  1. Pull the cups down to the ends of their strings, leaving 2 inches or so of excess string to tie later
  2. Take the band between the two bikini cups and slip it over your head
  3. Let the top strings hang at your sides (you’ll tie these together momentarily)
  4. Secure the excess string between the cups. We love a bow for a flirty vibe

You should be left with a front-facing bow and delicate ruching fringing the outside of the cups, closer to your arms. It’s a sweet, feminine style that looks even prettier with triangle bikini tops featuring designs or beadwork on the strings.

For a static front tie that requires no effort, look to the Erin Chain Top’s graceful loop connector or the Firenze Cindy Top for exquisite beadwork.

#8: The Front Strap Tie

Want to elevate your classic Front Tie with something a little sexier?

For the Front Strap Tie, start with a bikini top that has plenty of string so you can tether it. Then, follow the first three steps for the Front Tie and proceed as follows:

  1. Cross the excess string between your cups and pull them around your torso in a criss-cross fashion
  2. Tie the strings where they meet in the back

Reminiscent of 90s music videos and bodycon tops, this style offers another seamless transition from day to nighttime wear. Not only do the additional straps accentuate your waist and curves, but the secondary tie along your abdomen may also shift some tension off your neck to provide even more support.

#9: The Halter Top

This Halter Top tie-up maneuver puts an elegant spin on a familiar design, offering added security around the bust.

Here’s how to tie a bikini top, halter style:

  1. Take the top strings and cross them over your chest
  2. Secure the loose ends together, behind your neck

Consider trying this twist: Tie a knot where the strings cross at your chest before securing them behind your neck. This variation creates a playful keyhole shape, highlighting your décolletage.

#10: The Choker

We saved a show-stopper for our last tie-up option. You’re headed to bluer waters, so ditch your jewelry and start accessorizing with your bikini top!

Here’s how to recreate this universally flattering style:

  1. Tie the bottom strings around the chest as usual
  2. Take one top string and wrap it loosely around the front and back of your neck
  3. Knot the other top string to the leftover string to support the other cup

When trying out this style, be sure to use a light touch and tighten up until you find a comfortable fit. Looser is better with this look—and the more comfortable you are, the better you’ll be able to channel your inner coquette.

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If these 10 megawatt swim top looks tell us anything, it’s that no bikini is ever just a bikini.

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