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If you’re tired of your basic triangle bikini top, there’s no need to rush out and buy a new swimsuit! With so many ways to tie your top, you can try a new one every time you head out to the beach. Make sure you tie every knot super tightly to avoid a fashion disaster as you rock your new looks.

This method is perfect for when you want to add a little bling to your neckline. Tie the bottom string around your back like normal, then cross the top string over itself in the front before tying it behind your neck.[1]

  • This is one of the easiest ways to spice up your bikini, and it gives you all the support you need at the same time.

This bikini look adds a bit of glam to your bathing suit. Tie the bottom string like normal, then grab both top strings and throw them over your left shoulder. Tie the top strings to the bottom one to keep them in place.[2]

  • You can tie your bikini like this at a pool party to make your swimsuit look a little fancy.
  • You can tie the strings on whichever shoulder you like best!

The back of your bikini can look interesting too! Tie the top string around your neck like you normally would, then bring the bottom string around your back. Tie the bottom string into a single knot, then bring the ends up and tie them to the top string.[3]

  • This will make your bikini look like a T-back tank top.
  • Make sure the strings are tied super tightly to the top strings to avoid a fashion disaster.

This is like a racerback tank top for a bikini. Tie the top string around your neck like you normally would, then bring the bottom string around your back and make a single knot. Grab the ends of the bottom string and bring one over your right shoulder and one over your left shoulder, then tie each end to the top string.[4]

  • This is a great way to wear your bikini under a racerback tank top without any pesky straps peeking out.

Turn your triangle bikini into a strapless one with a few simple knots. Turn your bikini top upside down and tie the top string (what used to be the bottom string) behind your back. Cross the bottom string (what used to be the top string) underneath your chest, then tie it together behind your back.[5]

  • You might need to adjust the triangles in the front a little so they cover everything up.
  • This style doesn’t offer as much support as other styles, so use caution if you have a larger bust.

Jewelry can get annoying, so why not use your bikini strap instead? Tie the bottom string of your bikini like you normally would. Before you tie your top string, wrap one around your neck, then tie the ends together behind you.[6]

  • Don’t tie your strings too tight! Make sure you can still breathe and move around before heading out in this look.

Sometimes you don’t want to hide the bows behind your back. Slide the cups of your bikini out and away from each other on the bottom strap, but keep the top strap in place. Loop the bottom strap over your head so the cups face downwards, then tie the strings dangling at your sides behind you. Tie the front strings tightly in front of your chest, then pull the cups inward to give yourself enough coverage.[7]

  • This will give your bikini a cute “U” shape instead of a triangular one.
  • This can also help give you a bit of cleavage since it naturally pulls your chest inwards.

Give your neckline a little flair with this look. Tie the bottom string behind you like you normally would, then tie the top string around your neck in a loose single knot. Pull the ends of the top string down in front of you, then tie them to the bottom string.[8]

  • This is a fun way to draw attention to your neckline and the deep V of your bikini top.

Try this when you’re wearing your bikini in a beachfront restaurant. Tie your bottom strings like you normally would, then cross the top string behind your neck just once. Pull the top strings in front of you, then twist the ends around each other to form a thick rope going down to your chest. When you reach the end, tie the top string to the bottom string in front of your chest.[9]

  • Pair this look with a swimsuit coverup and some wedges to go out to eat near the beach.

The perfect way to tie your bikini and stand out in a crowd. Tie the bottom strings like you normally would, then bring the top strings up and over your neck. Tie them in a single knot behind your neck, then bring the ends out in front. Cross the ends over each other to make an X shape, then tie them above each cup.[10]

  • If you’re going tanning, this isn’t the best way to tie your bikini (unless you don’t mind an X tan line).

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How do I look thinner in a bikini?

Neepa Sikdar is a Personal Stylist and the Founder of Accessible Style. With 18 years of fashion experience, she specializes in working with female leaders to develop their style through personal styling, brand styling, and online styling. She also coaches women on personal style through her membership program. Neepa has worked with brands such as Nordstrom and J. Crew and has been featured in publications such as Business Insider. She holds a BS in Economics and English from Rutgers University and trained in styling through Fashion Institute of Technology.

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If there’s an area that you want to look slimmer, whether it’s your top half or your bottom half, wear that in a darker color. If you want to have a curvier chest, then go for lighter colors on top. Remember that it’s totally normal to have two different sizes on your top and on your bottom.

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