Who said tiny people could only wear bikinis? With the right plus size bikini fit, even curvy women can look stunning at the beach or pool. Do not forget that even the thinnest woman has physical features she would like to alter or conceal. By using these professional advice, you can find the ideal plus size bikini that will accentuate your best features while hiding any flaws.

Work With What You Have

Consider what you want to cover and what you want to reveal in your plus size bikini as you examine yourself in the mirror. Look for styles with higher leg cuts if you have fantastic legs. The necessary support is provided by halter-top styles, which look good on large busts. Boy-cut shorts can hide less-than-ideal thighs, and tankinis are fantastic for covering tummies.

Choose a Pattern

Choosing a large, vivid floral print or other pattern is one of the best ways to conceal and minimize your appearance in a bikini. Avoid delicate blooms, which can draw attention to bulges. Consider wearing a printed top and a solid bottom if your bottom is bigger than your top. As a result, the hips will be obscured and the eye will be drawn upward and toward the face. Remember that vertical stripes will lengthen the body while horizontal stripes will appear to widen the body. Black alone isn’t always the slimmest solid color, either. In fact, it can appear rather dull in a bikini. Maintain a color scheme that is lively and fun.

Don’t Worry About The Size

Compared to other clothing, swimsuits typically have a smaller cut. If you typically wear a size 14, for instance, anticipate needing a swimsuit in a size 16 or 18. Concerning this, don’t worry. It’s crucial that the bikini is comfortable for you to wear and offers the protection and support you require.


Once you’ve found the ideal bikini, search for a matching cover-up, sarong, or swimsuit. You’ll be all set to turn heads with a pair of bright sandals and a cute beach bag.

Love Your Body

A quick trip to the store will net you the ideal bikini. Keep in mind to appreciate your physical attributes and show off your body as it is. Nobody will dare to challenge you if you have the self-assurance to wear a bikini. Instead, they’ll probably be jealous of your strong sense of self-worth.

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