I need to go on spring break!

Pretty, beautiful flowers

everywhere, erupt!

Warm weather filling the air

About thoughts of work

I don’t particularly care

As for me, I’ve got to

Get out of here and leave!

I’m not interested in beer

Drinking alcoholic beverages

Though for some that’s popular

Florida beaches filled with bikinis

Young college girls drink martinis

Guys dance and shout all night

Participating in crazy contests

This is Florida’s Octoberfest

Fun in the sun and lots of sex

The accompanying pleasantries

Unexpected pregnancies

Drunk driving fatalities

Kids hugging their toilets

Hung over in the morning

abuse of drugs without reason.

Yet not everyone always does it

Exactly and particularly this way

Others go on a mission trip & pray

Purpose to help others in dire need

Like hurricane victims along the Gulf

Impoverished people in Latin America

Giving of yourself can be rejuvenating

Deeply soul searching and invigorating

Rich kids hop planes and go to Paris

Tour the scenic sights of lovely Europe

Cruise the breathtaking Mediterranean

If you’re on a budget, hit the Caribbean

Carnival Cruise Lines for a nonstop party

Mexico and parts of Arizona are favorites

For those kids living out in the wild west

Some say this is Spring Break at its best

Nevertheless many students happily rest

Ready to rid their minds of book overload

Get out of the four walls of the classroom

Catch a ballgame, enjoy life, just chill out

This is the main purpose of spring break.

Yet the tradition and holiday began

Long ago, when spiritual minds did know

That Jesus who was crucified rose again

Christ the Savior, the world’s best Friend

He promised to help us and come again

Fill us with His Holy Spirit to live abundantly

Conquering the cross and grave triumphantly

He did generously purchase for you and me

Freedom from guilt, shame,and gross sin

Even those you might unexpectedly let in

So this Spring Break give thought to God

The Father up above who deeply does love

Humanity for whom He sent His Son Jesus

Repent and ask for His tender forgiveness

Invite the miraculous Spirit to live big in you

to demonstrate the resurrection’s power as well!

Make Jesus your Friend the whole way through

He is merciful and mighty, but most importantly

He’s not all about condemning and critiquing you

Jesus cherishes and joyfully rejoices in you!

Created in God’s image to be in the fun family

This family of faith is welcoming you right now

Simply pray to God, no need to kneel or bow

Just open your mouth and ask Jesus to save

Your precious soul and send the Spirit He gave

To fill you to overflowing and make you whole

Restoring everything the devil from you stole

The innocence, the purity, the divine power

Ask God for it now in humble prayer.

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