The bikini tops used to cover the back of jeeps come in a variety of styles. Despite the fact that they are all designed to protect whatever you may be toting behind your jeep, they all serve the same purpose. Different customer preferences can be catered for in the bikini tops’ optimization. Here is a quick overview of the various types of bikini tops available on the market right now.

• Header bikini top

Typically, the header bikini top is fastened directly to the sport bars of the jeep, resulting in a good fit and attractive appearance. Additionally, the top has a windshield channel that can be used to fasten it to the windshield without necessarily drilling through. However, the windshield channel is available as a separate accessory.

Numerous header bikini tops are made to be worn without factory door surrounds and other crucial components like heavy-duty composite buckles to ensure the top’s longevity. The package also includes tear-resistant material that permits unrestricted airflow.

• Safari top

Both the passengers inside the car and the cargo inside can receive complete protection from the effects of bad weather thanks to this particular top. For the purpose of preventing flapping, the edges of this top are typically reinforced. Buckles and straps are used to fasten the rear section to the rear sport bar. You can choose a safari bikini top in a color that contrasts with your jeep because the tops’ colors are also not constrained in any way.

• Strapless

These tops were created especially for a variety of vehicles, including Jeep Wranglers, Suzuki Samurais, Chevy/Geo Trackers, and Sidekicks. To keep the jeep’s shape and color in excellent condition in all kinds of weather, these tops are made from premium materials. The tops’ industrial-grade clamps tightly secure it to the jeep.

• Traditional

Traditional bikini tops are typically made for early Wrangler models, as well as CJ7s, CJ5s, pre-CJ5s, and Toyota land cruisers. It is well known to attach directly to the top of the framework, giving the jeep a sleek appearance. Additionally, it guarantees that the jeep receives plenty of air. Before choosing one type over another, it is always a good idea to look over the specifications of each.

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