July 10, 1980 marked Jessica Ann Simpson’s birth. Her claim to fame is a run of popular albums, and more recently, acting roles in movies and television. Seven of her songs reached the top 40, and two of her albums were certified platinum. Three of her CDs also achieved gold status. Newlyweds – Jessica & Nick, Jessica Simpson’s self-produced reality television program, aired on MTV. Her life with her now-ex husband Nick Lachey was essentially the focus of the show.

In 1999, Jessica Simpson released her first CD titled “Forever is how I want to love you.” This album was a huge success and peaked at number three on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It wasn’t long before she released her second album which was titled “Sweet Kisses.” This CD attained platinum certification. Jessica Simpson was asked to be featured in a music video of the “boy band” 98 Nick and her started dating after earning their degrees. The couple separated after dating for approximately two years.

The follow-up album by Jessica Simpson, titled Irresistible, was released in 2001 under the Columbia Records label. This CD had a completely new sound and look, and it was a huge success.

During the year 2003, her reality show “Newlyweds: Jessica & Nick” aired on MTV as her new album “In this Skin” was released. This worked well to establish her as a household name.

In May 2004, Jessica Simpson was selected to perform the National Anthem at the Indianapolis 500.

The Nick and Jessica Variety Hour, which Jessica Simpson and Nick created in 2004, was not well received. It was modeled after Sonny and Cher. around the same time Re Joyce, Jessica Simpson’s Christmas album, was made available. In the year 2005, the TV show “Newlyweds” won the Awarded by popular vote.

Daisy Duke was played by Jessica Simpson, who was 25 years old, in the Dukes of Hazard remake. For that weekend, it was the most popular film in America.

Their divorce was finalized in the same year that Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson separated in 2006.

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