Nothing is more blatantly unattractive than having too much pubic hair on the beach. Nobody would likely want to jump into the water with you if you had that kind of appearance and wardrobe malfunction because they would be expecting some of that fluff to rise to the surface sooner or later. Unquestionably not something that would draw in the other sex. In actuality, staying in would be much preferable.

Thankfully, bikini waxing exists. If you’re new to the beach, a bikini wax is when unwanted hair is removed from the top of the leg, below the navel, and in the bikini area. Alternatively called the bikini line. Waxing can be done in three different ways, depending on the type of salon you go to. They include:

The hair that is exposed at the top of the thighs and beneath the navel is removed during an American waxing procedure. The most basic kind of bikini wax is this one.

French Waxing: This method of waxing leaves a sparse strip of hair just over the vulva that is about two to three fingers wide. It is possible to shave the labia and peri-anal area of the body. Playboy wax or G-wax are terms used to describe this method of hair removal. A landing strip is the term used euphemistically to describe the vertical strip that is left after waxing.

The most well-liked type of waxing is Brazilian. Except for a tiny strip on the pubis, nearly all of the hair has been removed. The anus, perineum, and vulva must be completely hair-free. It is also referred to as the Brazilian wax, Full Bikini Wax, Hollywood Wax, or Sphinx. And while more women than men typically get Brazilian waxes, men have also been known to get them. The strange thing is that it is not very well-liked in Brazil.

And armed with this information, you can arrive at any beach looking great and in shape.

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