Women, especially those who work in the fashion and entertainment industries, have traditionally waxed their bikinis. Given the clothing they typically advertise, such as low-cut jeans and skimpy swimwear, it is understandable that these individuals wanted to maintain a smooth, shaved appearance. In recent times, however, men have also started shaving their bikini regions. Numerous factors contribute to this, most of which are similar to those that affect women. The first is the hygienic aspect, followed by the looks and appearance, and finally because it is thought that a smooth appearance increases sexual pleasure. The number of men visiting Chicago’s spas and salons is at an all-time high, whatever the cause.

Finding a good, reasonably priced spa in Chi-town that offers male bikini waxing can be difficult due to the size of the city. Here are a few areas that we’ve researched and seen a healthy concentration of salons and spas that cater to male bikini waxing in Chicago:

  • Downtown Chicago
  • O’Hare
  • Jefferson Park
  • Big Oaks
  • Monte Claire

While different men have different motivations for getting their bikini hair waxed at spas, many are universal. Of course, appearance is one factor. Men have realized that being hairy is not always attractive as a result of the media’s massive promotion of the smooth look. Lower abdominal hair and bikini hair need to be trimmed in the summer because many people are likely to go shirtless or will likely wear shorts, speedos, and low cut jeans. Also known to groom or shave their pubic hair for aesthetic reasons are models and people who participate in sports.

Another important factor in men shaving is the appeal to women. It’s a common misconception that having no hair makes for great sex. Even though there are no concrete statistics to back up the idea that shaving improves sex, the media has nevertheless helped to spread this myth.

The sheer size of the city makes it challenging to locate a male bikini wax spa or salon in Chicago. Most men who look for spas online use a zip code or satellite city to narrow their search. Others use the classified ads in the newspapers or the yellow pages. Leading barbershops can also provide you with information on where to find a spa. One aspect of spas is their price. Some do charge exorbitant fees for their services, but if you look hard enough, you can find a spa that is reasonably priced.

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