Isn’t that confusing? Can we just call them all “panties”? I suppose we can, but every style of panty is designed for a different purpose, thus the variation in names. Relax; once you recognize the differences, it’s simple to remember. Here are the most common type of panties:

Boyshorts are gaining immense popularity these days. cute, cozy, and courageous. Boyshorts are modeled after men’s briefs and may have short legs that extend below the crotch, so what’s not to like? The fit is typically second skin tight despite the design being squared off rather than like a typical pair of shorts. This results in a sexy, flirtatious appearance and atmosphere. Many women enjoy donning t-shirts and boyshorts around the house to feel completely sexy.

Hipsters, or cheekies, are similar to briefs, but are worn lower with the waistband around the hip.

Bikini generally consists of a high cut on the leg and fairly narrow strips of fabric at the sides. However, it doesn’t reach your belly button. This panty fits snugly. The bikini, on the other hand, fits much more delicately but typically offers complete coverage for the bottom. Women all over the world prefer to wear bikinis.

Tanga exposes the bottom of the butt cheeks, but covers everything else. Your fanny is covered, and just your cheek is visible. To display the belly button and lower abdomen, it has a deep v-shaped cut in the front and back. The best of the boyshorts/thongs cross was taken by tangas.

Thongs have a waistband similar to tangas, but the rear coverage is not as full. Between the buttocks, there is a thin strip of fabric that extends the crotch to the back and gets wider toward the top.

G-string is a thong with virtually no rear coverage, the narrow strip in the back extending from the crotch all the way to the waistband. The majority of the buttocks are visible. They are therefore regarded as being very seductive.

V – String is similar to the shape of G string, with two strings that separate from the bottom in place of the inverted triangle-shaped strip of fabric.

C-string is the newest trend in the panties world. C String a thong which eliminates the waistband forming a “C” shape with a special frame that holds its shape. useful for removing tan lines from the beach or panty lines when wearing a silk dress.

Crotchless panties – regular panties which also feature a slit at the crotch.

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