Brazilian waxing is quickly rising to the top of the list of popular bikini waxing procedures. However, the procedure continues to intimidate a lot of people. The reason for a lot of this is that people don’t know enough or have the wrong information about how Brazilian waxing works. In essence, it is very similar to a bikini wax, with the exception that all hair is removed rather than just the hair near your bikini line.

To help ease any concerns people may have, the following outlines the steps involved with getting a Brazilian wax:

Brazilian waxing procedure

  • Most appointments take between 15-30 minutes
  • always make an appointment after consulting the salon. Prior to getting your waxing, inquire if there are any special instructions. If they are concerned about the pain, many people take two aspirin before their appointment.
  • Most salons use a private room to perform Brazilian waxing.
  • Like at a doctor’s office, you will be asked to take your pants and underwear off and lie on a table.
  • The typical length of hair for a Brazilian wax is 1/4. The wax can grab the hair at this length. Your hair may be cut short if it is too long by the technician. A different appointment must be scheduled if your hair is not long enough.
  • A generous amount of talcum powder will be applied to the skin by the technician. Hot wax won’t stick to skin if you use talcum powder.
  • Many technicians work quickly to minimize the amount of discomfort.
  • You’ll have hot wax applied to your skin and hair using a wooden waxing stick that has been dipped in the wax.
  • Over the wax, which is still warm, will be placed a cloth strip. In order for the cloth, hair, and wax to stick together, the technician will apply pressure firmly.
  • After the wax has cooled, a strip will be removed, pulling the hair out from the root in the opposite direction from the direction it grows. Typically, waxing is performed from the front to the back.
  • Brazilian waxing with hard wax is available in some salons. When cooled, this thicker wax can be removed by peeling. Some claim that this process is less painful.
  • Request that the waxing be applied to smaller areas at a time if it is too painful.
  • The technician will tweeze any remaining hairs after the waxing is finished, and she may also trim the remaining landing strip.
  • The technician will apply soothing lotion to the waxed areas.
  • Observe any instructions the technician gives you regarding post-waxing.
  • Apply aloe lotion or a hydrocortisone cream after the appointment if you experience bumps, redness, or ingrown hairs.

Before you schedule an appointment, knowing this information about Brazilian waxing will make the procedure much less intimidating.

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