Every producer and consumer in the modern era loves to brag about their commitment to going green. But for Green House International, it’s more than just a catchphrase or a PR gimmick. The final pieces of the “alternative energy” puzzle are being assembled by Green House International, and the finished product is being delivered right to your door.

Alternative energy has been the rage for as long as I can recall. But after two decades of “we think we’ve got it,” I had almost given up listening to Corporate America’s woes. But Green House International appears to have it right now, and not a second too soon. So, how does G.H.I. accomplish this? Just Ethanol—no complicated scientific jargon or futuristic words. GHI takes straightforward organic waste products, separates the sugar-based organic compounds, and transforms them into ethanol fuel. Chris Ursitti, CEO of Green House International, says the idea dawned on him in science class, “Liquid fuel must be the answer until we have more advanced knowledge of electricity because one gallon of liquid fuel has 80 TIMES more energy potential than a lithium-ion battery, the most technologically advanced battery on the planet, of equal size.”

What sort of organic waste can therefore be used as fuel in the GHI’s systems? The extraction of ethanol fuel can be done using anything, including alcohol, grass clippings, compost, and sweets. Their fuel systems produce a finished good that is already compatible with the current fuel infrastructure and can be used right away in any vehicle or gas-guzzling accessory! Not only is it already ready for use, but the fuel from GHI emits 85% fewer emissions than regular gasoline. Can it possibly be made any more effective? How about this: the only byproducts of fuel refinement are nutrient-rich mulch and distilled water.

Chuck Muncie, a running back for the Chargers who is in the Hall of Fame, Heidi & Spencer Pratt, and even Shaquille – Don’t Call Me Diesel – O’Neal have all invested in and supported G.H.I. in addition to receiving a ton of press coverage. They recently partnered with the city of Las Vegas, and they are already integrating their ground-breaking systems with the current infrastructure. What’s more, they just formed a partnership with Karl Strauss, a nearby brewery. In order to refine its alcohol waste into usable energy and save hundreds of thousands of dollars over time, the brewery intends to lease the fuel systems from G.H.I.

GHI is using an approach that is by no means novel, but they are improving its usability and effectiveness. The micro-consumer can buy a fully operational system for their house that requires little to no setup. GHI claims that government energy rebate programs can help you recover up to 50% of your initial investment in their micro-fueling system, which currently costs $10,000 and $2 per gallon to use. They also contend that as society’s fuel system becomes more integrated, access to organic waste will improve and become more reasonably priced, lowering the per-gallon price.

Readers, I’m putting money aside for this one. GHI appears to be doing everything right, and that comes without cost to the planet or to business.

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