Let’s discuss sexploitation movies and the ultravixens that Russ Meyer has starred in. He started his career as a photographer for Playboy Magazine in the 1950s and was best known for his obsession with cleavage. He took many of the magazine’s centerfolds.

He is known as the sleazemeister and is best known for his large-breasted she-devils from the 1960s and 1970s, including the bikini girls and well-endowed amazons from movies like Mudhoney, Faster Pussycat, Kill Kill!, Below the Valley of the Dolls and Below the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens.

Even some burlesque movies were produced by him in the 1950s! Tempest Storm and Lili St. were two of the top burlesque performers he paired in his shows Teaserama and Varietease. Bettie Page and Cyr, the pinup icon!

Tura Satana and Kitten Natividad, two well-known pinup girls in their own right, were among his most well-known busty starlets. Before Meyer came across Tura Satana, she was a burlesque dancer.

His bikini girls and femme fatale pin up girls serve as the faces of softcore sleaze from the 1960s and 1970s… fabulous supervixens capable of cartoon violence as well as bump and grind.

Meyer’s obsession with big breasts lasted his entire life! All of his films shared this fixation as their unifying theme. He found some actresses with naturally large breasts who went on to become well-known Russ Meyer stars, including Kitten Natividad, Tura Satana, Lorna Maitland, and Uschi Digard.

Meyer belongs to a distinct genre because of the physically and sexually dominating female characters he uses. In his movies, women are still more powerful than men even though he often depicts them as sex objects. He is a feminist filmmaker, doesn’t that make sense? Was this done consciously or unconsciously?

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