Why don’t you reward yourself with something a little more unique. Be a little bit of a devil for a change and select a bikini waxing shape that might cause your lover to smile the moment you reveal it. Of course, we’re referring to the variety of unusual bikini waxing shapes that many women now prefer. Whether it’s a diamond for your wedding anniversary, a heart for Valentine’s Day, or perhaps the anniversary of the first time your spouse saw your private parts, there are many different ways to celebrate. Your new initials or those of your spouse could be shaped into a bikini for your wedding day. Whatever justification you can think of, go all out and try to make your bikini waxing shape extraordinary. You can now even purchase stencils and stencil kit sets to aid in this. Therefore, if you’re waxing at home, you don’t have to compromise your artistic integrity because the stencils will help you cover up the hair in the design you want and leave the leftovers completely free for you to wax at home using your preferred IPL solution.

What about color, then? Today, many women go one step further and decide to dye their remaining hair a fun color to commemorate whatever unique occasion they have been able to think of. Whether it’s red and green for Christmas or green for St. Patrick’s Day, everything has a season. As if your partner needed any kind of direction, leave pink hearts, silver diamonds, red or green arrows to point them in the right direction. There is only one word of caution: avoid using hair dye intended for use on the head when shaping your own bikini waxing shape at home. For this delicate location, it will be far too harsh, and professional coloring may be preferable.

But keep going with the shape and color; these days, it’s not just about a bikini waxing shape. You can now glue on gems and crystals in many different sizes and shapes, colours and designs – the official term is “vajazzling”. Adding the final sparkle to your bikini waxing shape could definitely turn out to be an excellent finishing touch.

Whatever you decide, the best part will be the sneaky, “I’ve got a secret” feeling you’ll have as you walk down the street. Along with the expression on your partner’s face the first time you get something just a little different done, knowing exactly what is concealed beneath your clothing but that no one else knows is priceless. Scrumptious.

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