When I was younger, going to the lake in the summer with my family only meant major water-related chaos. If our parents didn’t call on us, my siblings and I would stay in the water from dawn until dusk without even entering the house. My mother used to burrito-wrap my entire body in a towel, leaving the underneath all shriveled and wrinkled. This makes a lot of sense in retrospect. But even if you try, you can’t really pull off the burrito look as an adult. We should seriously update that appearance as mature, responsible people. You must concede that the single-digit age is no longer ours.

Do you consider more than just your swimsuit when you plan your beach wardrobe? This summer, I don’t believe I have ever seen anyone wearing nothing but a bathing suit or a pair of swimming trunks. Even the neighbor who lives next door to me uses a fanny pack when going to the beach. Women would likely require more contemplation time and, in my opinion, would need to take some additional time to sit down and consider it. Just as tedious as getting ready for a fancy night out in town like a posh cotillion or a moonlit wedding is getting ready for a beach or pool party. Even choosing clothing for a elusive blind date can be challenging. Once you’ve decided on what swim wear to use, there’s the serious matter of accessorizing to consider and these days as the fashion and entertainment industries bombard us with countless images of tropical beauties and high class summer couture, “accessories” simply go way beyond just *flip flops* and beach towels.

Beachgoers have practically made donning a large t-shirt over their suits a religious practice. Yes, it’s unbelievably convenient. It’s simple, if a little run-down, to open that closet and pull the first shirt you see out and put it over your head. Those old cotton towels and shirts from your house need a break, people! If you want something that functions as a shirt, choose a tunic, long racerback tank top, or slightly larger crisp cotton button down shirt. By using a contrasting belt to highlight your waist and hips, you can add a dash of style. A crucial component like that could essentially tie the entire ensemble together, giving the impression that you have actually changed out of your pajamas. The Kashmere long-sleeved Sage Green Sequin Beach Tunic is constructed from a lightweight cotton voile that practically floats against your body’s curves. People can see what’s underneath in a respectable amount thanks to the sequin trim on the V-neckline. Vent slits on each side exude maximum comfort and movement even when you’re plopped down playing footsie on the sand or running along the shores with a “playmate.”

You could always fall back on the tried-and-true board shorts if you consider yourself a conventional, beach-loving, no-fuss kind of lady. Even if you leave them on when you jump in, I doubt anyone would care. Big names in women’s board shorts and surfing apparel like Roxy, Rip Curl, and Billabong have developed modern cuts and designs to suit the wide range of tastes in America. The 21″ long The Sweet Beach Board Shorts from the Roxy collection of 2006 feature an asymmetrical hip band design and a tricolor floral pattern. One of the hottest shorts available thanks to its quick-drying polyester sublimated Supersuede microfiber material, heat seal double tie cord, neoprene fly, and snap pockets.

It need not be another chore to get dressed up and down for the beach. If you know what to look for, it can actually be quite thrilling. Whether you choose to wear a vibrant tunic, your old board shorts, or a stunning sarong, make sure you have the ideal amount of coverage. When going outside, don’t be afraid to dress up. And most importantly, keep your couture in your line of sight. It’s possible that someone else will use your newly discovered summer glory in their beach bag.

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