Women who are bathing in the beach while wearing various styles, colors, and sizes of swimsuits always fascinate me. As women enjoy the cool beach waters while wearing swimsuits, their figures are clearly visible and enhanced. Many people, especially women, spend time looking for the ideal bikini, thong, and swimwear during the summer. Today, people with extra body fat don’t even need to worry about whether or not a swimsuit will fit them because there are plus size swimsuits made specifically for women with bust sizes 12 and up. Women can now flaunt their sexy curves in all their glory with grace and style.

People look for three things when purchasing swimwear. The first is appearance or design, followed by utility and cost. Some women choose to wear a bikini or thong while disregarding their comfort for the sake of fashion. This is not to say that thongs or bikinis are unattractive to wear, but they present issues when used underwater. But as far as swimsuits are concerned, they are still stylish and seductive.

Every time I’m at the beach and I see men in masculine trunks and women in skimpy bathing suits, I get the Miss and Mr. In a parade or a univers pageant, the spectacle or star of the show is typically a body dressed in various costumes. It really makes me wonder why people have to set aside time for beach rituals and traditions involving wearing swimsuits and other body jewelry. Is it really just for the pure joy of knowing someone might be admiring or staring at you because of your swimsuit? Or is it because you enjoy wearing bikinis?

Many adults and teenagers today copy the fashion sense of Hollywood actors and actresses. To imitate their role models, they want to know the newest fashion trends in all types of clothing, not just swimwear. As long as they feel content and at ease in their attire, there is nothing wrong with copying Hollywood fashion. I only mention this to highlight how influential Hollywood stars are on people’s lives.

The swimwear or swimsuits we are familiar with today are not the same as those from long ago. People wore robes while taking a bath in the ancient era, when the idea of recreational bathing first emerged. But there have been discoveries of bikinis that resemble modern models. In one way or another, the Greeks are to blame for the idea of wearing bathing suits or other swimwear. Prior to that, bathing suits were like full-body togas. Water was eventually used more for therapy than for recreation after the Roman Empire fell.

During the American transportation revolution of the 1800s, people start visiting nearby beaches and swimming attire is once again worn. Bloomers and black stockings served as the era’s swimwear. Due to the risks of exposure posed by the swimsuit, society only permitted men to swim. Bathing suits continue to evolve over the years, from one-piece to two-piece, until tankinis and other different styles are introduced to meet the needs of women.

These days, women who carry a few extra pounds don’t have to relegate themselves to the sidelines because they can wear plus size swimwear in the same design or style as swimwear intended for women. They can wear two-piece bikinis with high tops, or if they’re feeling shy, they can put on a bathing suit dress that looks just as stylish and covers up any extra body fat.

One of the swimsuits for plus size women is Lane Bryant’s Bow Front Swim Tank, a one piece swimsuit with a V-neck accentuating the breast in a sexy and chic way. The fabric is made of spandex and nylon, which is ideal for hand washing and won’t widen or expand when submerged in laundry. The waist and butt curves are the only ones that are accentuated, giving the wearer a perfect curve even though she is wearing a size twenty. It fits the body well.

This bathing suit combines comfort and sexiness in one with an empire waist cut and a soft cup breast. It is also about $89.50 in price. This swimsuit’s sexy and sensual effect could be enhanced by wrapping a sarong or other piece of *colorful fabric* around the waist. Now that they are wearing this swimwear, even plus-size women can grab the crowd’s attention.

On the one hand, there are swimwear tank tops with animal or tropical prints, like the Avenue Tropical Animal Swim Tank. When submerged in water, it keeps its good fit on the body. Swimming will be comfortable and enjoyable thanks to the soft cup and double strap that provide protection. The contour bra in this top gives women added support and convenience, which is a plus. This suit’s neutral black color goes well with almost any type of bikini or pair of shorts. Only the lack of a bottom pair makes this bathing suit a con, as you would have to buy a different pair just to wear this swimwear with. It’s nevertheless attractive and useful.

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