We men often find women to be mysterious. They can be the best lovers, nurturers, and protectors for us at times. We believe that we are complete each and every instant that they are present on this planet with us, sharing our air and our sky. But there are other times when we see women as the source of bad luck, as evil witches, as seductresses, and as the ultimate downfall of a great man. Whatever we may think of them, there is no denying that for thousands of years, this being known as Woman has captured our imaginations to the fullest.

And some women are more exciting to us than others. With their gorgeous bodies and seductive smiles, these objects of beauty seem to have been created to astonish us. You can complete the perfect cocktail for seduction by adding a bikini to all of that. These are a few women that men have always wanted to see in a bikini and have not been disappointed by the results:

– Jessica Biel: Ever since she appeared in Gear magazine as a teenager, Jessica Biel’s fit and toned body has drawn praise for its lovely symmetry and seductiveness. She received a ton of praise as a result, and today it is widely acknowledged that she has one of the strongest and most attractive bodies around.

– Halle Berry: Despite having a reputation for being generally attractive, Halle Berry’s physique is certainly not lacking as evidenced by her appearances in Die Another Day and Swordfish. Any man, aged 18 to 80 and beyond, can be seduced by her curvaceous body, lovely face, and seductive voice.

– You don’t refer to someone as “The Body” for nothing, says Elle Macpherson. Elle Macpherson is a queen-sized wave of sexy at over six feet tall. The best evidence that she is one of the sexiest women in the world, bar none, is her Sports Illustrated and other magazine covers.

– Bond fans will recognize Ursula Andress as a Bond girl from the 1962 film Dr. No. but the rest of mankind knows her as simply a very sexy woman that revolutionized the way people see women in action/adventure flicks. Imagine the sight of her lovely form, clad only in a white bikini, emerging from the Caribbean sea in all its splendor. Dreams are made of this, no doubt.

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