Western swimsuit models are no match for the gorgeous Russian women. In fact, it seems that an excessive number of regular and typical Russian girls could pursue modeling careers anywhere in the world. Many mail order women are now advertising themselves to Western men as Russian bikini brides, fully aware that they have bodies that never quit. They are aware of their fierce competition in their native country as well as the scarcity of Western men who are willing to go out with them. You can get a sense of both these women’s allure and how difficult it is for them to find dates if you spend a few minutes browsing their online profiles.

In fact, if you are a single heterosexual male and have ever had the good fortune to travel to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, or any other country in the former Soviet Union, you were probably astounded by the throngs of breathtakingly beautiful foreign women there. If you are particularly perceptive, it’s even possible that you noticed the stark absence of handsome men who, by all appearances, ought to have been close to these stunning foreign ladies. Amazingly, not only are there no handsome men to be seen in this photo, but it appears that there are virtually no handsome men in any of these regions of the world. It makes sense that many Russian women search online for Western men who are sexiest when they are dressed (or undressed).

You may be wondering how it is that Russian men aren’t particularly attractive. It’s a good question, but not many Western men are eager to respond. The fact that hot Russian brides appear to be growing on trees in former Soviet Union nations while most Russian men appear to have genetic problems is indeed an odd and bizarre fact of nature. Whatever the cause of this phenomenon, Western men who are bold enough to approach Russian women are increasingly benefiting from it. In the meantime, the competition can be so intense for many of these lovely women that they are willing to post their sexiest modeling photos online, sometimes with them half-naked or in bikinis.

Many men travel to these regions of the world searching for “brides in bikinis” hoping to find at least one special foreign lady who happens to look like she belongs on the cover of a fashion magazine. Fortunately for them, they have no trouble identifying these women. In fact, there is a proverb that is popular among expats that perfectly captures the state of women in the former Soviet Union. It goes something like this: “Every foreign woman in this place IS, WAS, WILL BE, or COULD HAVE BEEN a model!”

It should not be a surprise that these attractive Russian women enjoy meeting and dating Western men almost as much as the men themselves enjoy being in their company given the intense competition among them. Besides looking for a better life, which sometimes means they are just hoping to land a husband who isn’t an alcoholic, these foreign ladies are also looking for men who don’t seem like they more appropriately belong in the play, “Beauty and the Beast!”

These women are typically pleasantly surprised by how nice Western men seem to them after meeting a foreigner. Women in these areas frequently believe that Western men are 10 or more years younger than they actually are! Many Westerners undoubtedly find it difficult to grasp this idea. It will remain impossible until Western men visit the former Soviet Union and meet their rivals face-to-face.

Yes, in fact, seeing is believing! I challenge any skeptics out there to book a trip to the former Soviet Union and go there yourself. And for those single men out there, you are encouraged to run, not walk, to your nearest travel agent and visit the land of the plenty, so you too can find your very own, “Russian Bikini Bride.”

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