Women of all shapes and sizes, but especially plus size women, are embracing tankinis with a ferocious surge in popularity. A tankini was prominently featured on a plus size swimwear segment of the “Today Show” at the start of the 2007 summer season and was an immediate hit. The plus size tankini is arguably the best example of how plus size women’s clothing has been setting the standard for design that is both breathtakingly attractive and incredibly useful.

From the French Riviera to the beach in Malibu, the original bikini caused an immediate sensation. Brigitte Bardot and Jayne Mansfield, two famous actresses, immediately rose to prominence as bikini icons for their eye-catching displays of the bikini’s benefits. The proliferation of surfer movies with the word” Bikini” in the title forever sealed the bikini into our consciousness.

But women with larger or at least very firm figures found the bikini to be less than accommodating. May West looked just fine in a one-piece swimsuit, thank you very much, but Gidget could pull it off! Fuller figured women were pretty much left out of the “Bikini Beach Blanket Bingo” party. Since not everyone wants to expose that much skin in public, this was perfectly acceptable to the majority of plus-size women as well as many smaller women.

Not much was lost in terms of fashion because there are so many fantastic plus size one-piece swimsuit options. Women of all shapes and sizes can, however, really appreciate one very appealing feature of the bikini: it’s much simpler to use the bathroom while wearing a bikini than a one-piece swimsuit. This obviously has nothing to do with style or fashion, but it is one of those comfort features that really makes a difference!

The tankini swimsuit has only recently become popular, and it was not always designed as a plus size swimsuit style. The tankini is a very adaptable swimsuit that can accommodate women with either long or short torsos.

A tank-style top serves as the foundation of any tankini. The tankini top can also be worn in halter styles. Depending on what you’re trying to hide or minimize, the length of the tankini top can vary considerably. Longer torsoed women will likely choose a shorter top. The midsection will be more visible with a shorter top, similar to a traditional bikini. Just be aware that a shorter top might possibly show a bulge in the middle.

The majority of plus-size women opt for longer tops that end at the top of the hips. By doing so, you can get the same result as wearing a long, untucked shirt while also creating the illusion of a snug, fitted one-piece swimsuit.

In comparison to the tops, tankinis’ bottoms offer even more variety. They can be anything from swim shorts to form-fitting bottoms like bikinis. Even though they look more like a tennis outfit, tankinis with skirt bottoms can be worn for activities other than lazing by the pool or the beach. The term “skirtinis” refers to tankinis with a skirt-like bottom.

The tankini comes in numerous additional varieties. One of these variations is the ruched tankini, which has a finely ruffled top that can be lengthened or decreased by rolling it up or down. There are tankinis with skirts that cleverly allow you to change the length of the skirt by subtly pulling up or down on cords hanging from the side. The camikini is yet another tankini variant that offers more bra support for women with larger busts.

The choice becomes almost infinite when you combine the incredible variety of patterns, colors, styles, and variations available for plus size tankinis. The most popular choice in plus size swimwear today, tankinis combine genuine comfort with figure-flattering styling.

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