Without a little hard work and preparation beforehand, winning tiny string bikini contestants do not receive their crowns (or bikini vouchers). Here are ten top suggestions to help you get there if you intend to enter and succeed in numerous bikini competitions across the nation.

1. Be Confident

Big-time bikini models are typically confident individuals. Select a string bikini that you feel confident wearing and that highlights your best features to ensure that you truly feel as though you are putting your best foot — or any other body part — forward. Show off as if you are already a top model in the world, and you’ll discover that people will already perceive you in that way.

2. Be Sexy

The women in string bikinis are skilled at both revealing and concealing the appropriate areas. Whoever displays the most skin is not as important as who does so in the sexiest manner. It can sometimes appear sexier to have a little bit more material. Sometimes, less is more. Whatever you do, make sure it’s sexy and not slutty.

3. Be Happy

In addition to their obvious physical features, bikini models’ most noticeable feature is typically a smile. Make sure your judges notice your smile and laughter because no model who entered a bikini contest angry ever won…as a frown could cost you your crown.

4. Be Fit

No matter how attractive they are, chubby bikini models do not win competitions. Yes, it’s true that consistent training and workouts can be exhausting, but if competing in winning bikini contests is your dream, make sure you give yourself the best chance at achieving it. Consider every competition as a potential stepping stone to a new career, and always enter at the top of your physical game. Your confidence will be high, you’ll feel good about yourself, and you’ll undoubtedly look great if you believe your body is at its best.

5. Be Tanned

A string bikini without a string is like a bikini model without a tan. Though the simple solution is to simply sit in the sun, health warnings these days urge us to take care of our skin, cover up, and avoid the sun, so a properly applied fake tan will work just as well. The secret is to remain consistent, though. You might look hot in your string bikini, but if your fake tan is blotchy or overly orange, you won’t come out on top. Pay professionals to do it right.

6. Be Savvy

Before entering their competitions, savvy string bikini models do their research. If you know the names of your judges, research them to see if you can find out anything that will give you an advantage. Wear a yellow swimsuit if you think your primary judge will like the color. Make sure you are aware of the precise location, time, and duration of the bikini contest. If you know any other bikini models who will also be competing, ask if you can get a copy of their profiles so you can see who you’re up against. Try to find out a few details about the contest, especially if it has been going on for a while. You won’t come across as just a body in a bikini if someone asks you a question in this way.

7. Be Prepared

Bring a couple of extra bikinis, extra cosmetics, and different pairs of shoes in case something happens to the ones you had planned to wear on the contest day.

8. Be Unique

Bikini models who have something distinctive and memorable are much easier to recall than those who don’t. Take advantage of any distinctive features you may already have, like strong jawline or unusual eye color, by selecting a bikini that complements them. If not, a more unusual hairstyle, tattoo, piece of jewelry, or pair of shoes could be the finishing touch you need to stand out in your chosen bikini contest.

9. Be Realistic

If at all possible, have someone (preferably a professional) take your picture while you are being evaluated so you can later evaluate yourself, or if you did a fantastic job, get a great photo to use for self-promotion.

10. Be YOU

You should be proud of yourself if you went to the trouble to enter a bikini contest. You are, after all, unquestionably the most stunning, seductive, and stunning bikini model to have ever graced the streets. Before the judges also notice that, it’s only a matter of time!

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