When you step out on stage in your bikini and heels do you want EVERYONE to say “Wow!”? While many women attempt to achieve this, few actually succeed. You must begin from within in order to reach this level. A sound mind followed by a toned body, great stage presence, and simple tips and tricks all create that exceptional “Wow!” factor!

There’s sense in the saying “fake it until you make it”. When it comes to stage presence, you must have confidence that you possess “IT.” The key to success in this industry is confidence! You need to think of yourself as the best. However, you have to pretend to be the best if you don’t feel that way or you have self-doubt. Put on a face that proclaims you are the best, a posture that exudes confidence, and a body language that declares your greatness.

You’re waiting for your chance to shine behind the scenes just before going on stage, and your nerves are getting the better of you. Take a moment to close your eyes, block out the world, and inhale deeply. Your anxiety and tension are reduced as a result, allowing you to step out on stage with more confidence.

Your walk and stance when entering the stage are very important. Hold your head up, your shoulders back, and your back straight. Make sure your shoulders are relaxed when you draw them back; avoid appearing overly “military.” Nobody wants to see someone who is clumsy or heavy when they walk, so you want to appear to be gliding as you move around the stage. Always walk on the balls of your feet when you’re wearing heels! Walking on your balls of feet gives you more control over how you move and highlights your lean, muscular legs better than walking on your heels. When you step forward with your right leg, keeping your knees together, you want to bring your left knee just behind the other, with your left ankle passing the other just barely. You walk smoothly and slenderly as a result, avoiding the appearance of “bow-legged” legs.

Your stance must draw attention to your incredible physique because you have the chance to outshine your rivals when you’re standing still on stage. Your other foot’s heel should be directly in front of the curve of your back foot, pointing toward the front of the stage, in order to achieve this stance. In this position, you can give yourself a leaner, more toned appearance by placing a little weight on the ball of your front foot. The most attractive position for your body is with your front arm on your hip and your back arm tucked behind you, allowing your hand to rest on your buttocks.

Your choice of bikini is an additional step in developing great stage presence. Instead of bringing attention to any potential flaws in your body, your chosen style should emphasize it. Your decision should be based on your body type. If your bottom is a little heavier than your top, choose a bikini with more detailing on the top to draw the eye up! Choosing a triangle or bandeau top will accentuate your larger chest while making you appear proportionate if you have a larger bust. A padded top will work if your chest is smaller, or a suit with pattern will make it appear larger. Choose a bikini with a high cut leg if you are short; this will make you look longer, and wearing heels will heighten your appearance. Avoid thong bikinis and transparent bikinis when selecting a bikini because they lack style and are frequently prohibited in competitions. Your bikini should match the color of your skin! Avoid choosing a bikini that makes you look dirty!

We’ve covered the fundamental components of stage presence, so let’s move on to the little tips and tricks that will give you a bigger advantage! BRONZER, BRONZER, and BRONZER! This is a very straightforward trick, but it works wonders. A tanned body makes you look thinner and gives you more options when it comes to choosing a bikini that matches your preferred color, whether you prefer spray tanning or salon tanning. The extra color will help you since you probably won’t be able to visit a salon on the day of your competition, so always make sure you have bronzer in your bag. Another clever tactic in your favor is the use of shimmer lotion. While performing, the slight sheen on your skin catches the light and makes your skin look younger.

Another significant aspect is your hair, jewelry, and makeup. Your hair should always be down, or if you’d rather, half-up. You should have loose 1.5″ or 2″ curls, with a little teasing at the crown, to give your hair a spectacular appearance. However, curling your hair makes it appear fuller and healthier, even if you prefer your hair straight. You want to ENSURE that people continue to look at you! When performing on stage, your makeup should be more obvious; false lashes are optional but can help draw attention to your eyes. Choose a color that goes with your personality and your outfit! Even if you have blue eyes, a neon orange bikini might not go well with it. The only jewelry you should wear on stage is earrings and one bracelet, if you’d like; otherwise, you risk looking overly busy and detracting from your performance. Accessories are acceptable but should be worn sparingly.

Practice is essential when getting ready for a performance! You can only go so far with tips and tricks! Put on your heels and practice your walk, stance, and smile while standing in front of your mirror. Examine your figure to determine which bikini best suits you, and don’t be shy about getting advice from your loved ones! You will become a winner if you prepare, eat, and sleep like one.

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