OK, so statuesque female athletes used to display luscious locks of underarm hairs a few decades ago, but it is not really the “in” thing to be seen with on the beach these days.

Many women still use razors and accept the inevitable stubbly regrowth that appears the following day. This is really unfortunate because there are now a ton of products and solutions that are much more long-lasting and effective.

Waxing at home is typically just as effective at removing hair from the underarms as it is from the legs or bikini line. In addition to leaving you hair free for a few weeks, the damage done to your hair follicles means that the next time your underarm hair grows back, it will be finer and sparser, which will make it appear lighter in color. The awkwardness of waxing underarms at home is a drawback. You can only use one hand because the other is hanging ape-like above your head, making it impossible to see the area that needs to be waxed thoroughly. Additionally, the hair will grow under the arm in a variety of directions, necessitating multiple applications of wax in order to achieve the desired results, which could cause great discomfort to the skin. Going to a salon for a professional underarm wax may ultimately make you happier. Or would you…

Recent developments in at-home laser hair removal have produced some IPL hair reduction equipment that is fairly simple to use. The Remington i-Light, Silk’n Sensepil, and VISS are just a few examples of the major players in the market. Although they are frequently much less expensive than scheduling a laser treatment appointment for yourself in a salon, they can still be expensive and take a long time to complete the task. Another issue is the fact that some IPL solutions require regular bulb replacements, which can cost $50 to $100 per bulb.

The no!no! is one of many hair reduction options that stands out from the crowd.. It uses a different technology than IPL (intense pulsed light) systems because it pulses heat into the skin instead of light using a device called Thermicon. You will have no underarm hair at a reasonable cost, fairly quickly, and painlessly, but it basically burns the hair, which stinks a little.

Regardless of whether you decide to wax your underarms at home, in a salon, or with a no!no! or some other intense pulsed light hair reduction device, it is essential to ready your skin appropriately for top notch final results. Be sure you:

• Exfoliate a few days beforehand to get rid of any dead skin cells, which will help with ingrown hair issues.

• Deodorant residue should be removed using an astringent, and you shouldn’t apply deodorant the day after defuzzing because it could irritate your skin.

• Make sure the hair is long enough for the hair removal technique you have chosen to use.

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