How much is “too much of a good thing?” It’s unjust to suggest that you should completely give up life’s finer things. So stop for a moment and live a little! Here is a list of the top ten things we love and can’t live without. However, we try to love everything in moderation. Whoever said a girl can’t have it all should think again! And leading a balanced life can result in a sound body, a sound mind, and a sound heart—a body that begs to be dressed in a brand-new eye-catching swimsuit this season.

1. Sun Exposure: I know it’s winter and some of us wish we could get tan, but too much sun exposure can increase our risk of developing cancer. The key to having skin that doesn’t age? In any weather, slathering on that SPF30. And don’t stop smothering all day long, especially if you’re on the French Riviera in a bikini!

2. Exercise: Gym rats undoubtedly have beach-ready bodies and are less likely to contract illnesses, but how much time spent working out is too much? Injury and a weakened immune system are side effects of excessive exercise. In order to age healthily, aim for 30 minutes per day. And don’t be afraid to exert more effort or continue longer on occasion. On the other hand, take a break occasionally. Our bodies require rest. If you are limping from the chaise lounge to the shallow end, no one will think you look good in a swimsuit.

3. Want to get in shape for bikini season? Eat fish. Put a lot of protein in your body. These omega-3 fatty acids can boost immunity and reduce the risk of diabetes and stroke thanks to the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish. 2-3 servings per week are advised. Per serving, aim for 4-6 ounces.

4. Sodium: Do you want to reduce belly fat if you’re bloated? Bringing your daily sodium intake down to 2,300 mg is a quick fix. If you consume too much sodium, your heart will work overtime. You’ll be surprised to learn how food actually tastes after a few weeks.

5. Caffeine: Your morning coffee will definitely make you feel confident. And according to some studies, it can help ward off a number of common diseases. So with that in mind, drink responsibly. Coming down from the “coffee” buzz can make you yearn for it even more leading to a vicious cycle of jitters.

6. Check the label for sugar. If the amount of sugar in what you are eating exceeds 50%, pass on the sugar high. While sugar has some nutritional value on its own, processed foods increase your risk of diabetes and obesity. No thanks.

7. Phones: Blackberries vs. Crackberries iPhones are all the rage, but could your non-stop cell-phone usage cause brain tumors? In order to reduce wave exposure, use an earpiece or the phone speaker. And never, ever use your phone while driving without an earpiece. Such behavior is a recipe for disaster. Don’t even start me on the subject of beaches and phones. If you have a sandy accident, people will remember the 30 minutes you spent attempting to save your phone rather than the fantastic new swimsuit you bought the week before.

8. Guilty of the empty calories you consumed last night because of alcohol? Red wine should now be consumed. A glass won’t do any harm to your waistline thanks to its potent antioxidants! And you get to test out that “French Paradox” theory of living. They only smoke and drink wine, so they don’t have as much of an obesity or heart disease problem as other countries.

9. We all enjoy our guilty TV pleasures, such as Glee and Jersey Shore, but does watching too much TV make us less social? According to research, when a TV is on in the room, we interact 40% less. Keep the TV out of the bedroom during meals so that you can engage in some socializing.

10. Internet – You spend the entire day at work staring at the computer. Limit your daily home computer use to no more than three hours to give your eyes a rest.

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