Not every woman who goes to the cosmetician hopes to emerge from the appointment looking like a Mexican hairless dog, one of those uncommon canines whose skin feels incredibly smooth because it isn’t covered in a thick coat of fur. But it’s good to know that you can now if you really want to strip naked down there.

In fact, getting a professional bikini wax is the fastest and best way to look smooth and sleek in your bikini (and out of it). There are a ton of waxes available that will accommodate almost any whim and fancy, whether you want to look stunning on the beach or intend to give your husband the birthday or anniversary present of his life.

You may have to pay, but be warned: this really is a case of “don’t try it at home”. If you do, the results could be disastrous, ranging from a painful, deep-red rash to a quick trip to the emergency room. You won’t regret it if you choose to play it safe and have it done by a pro.

Types of Waxes

Here are the most well-liked waxes currently offered at medical spas, listed alphabetically…

* The least daring wax on the market is American Wax, which is because we Yankees are known for being conservative. In essence, it is for the woman who merely wants to avoid the agonizing embarrassment of having those tiny pubes protrude from her bathing suit. It only takes a moment to finish with a quick clip here and some wax there.

* Brazilian Wax is a treatment that, according to reports, originated in Brazil and was brought to the United States by a group of sisters who began providing it to American women looking to spice up their lives with a little Latina flavor. All the hair is removed, with the exception of a small line of virtual stubble affectionately dubbed a “landing strip”.

* French Wax: All of the hair in the front is removed, but the hair next to your bottom is not. Why? is a natural follow-up question.

* Natural Bikini Wax: Hair is removed from the legs, butt and around the bikini area, while a “natural-looking” bush is left intact.

* Playboy Wax: Similar to a Brazilian, but leaves a thinner mark.

* Sphinx: The Complete Monty. Looks as pre-pubescent as possible; everything is wrong. Some men, and possibly some women, claim that this is more hygienic and also promotes amazing oral sex. In a word: yuck.

Top Tips for Wonderful Waxes

* Wearing an old pair of underwear you can throw away after getting your bikini waxed may be a good idea, despite your embarrassment. Paper underwear is provided by some salons but not by others.

* Expect the worst if you have never had waxing done. That means that in order to get the most hair out, you might be asked to adopt poses that are not entirely delicate while spreading your legs in front of a total stranger and thinking of Granny. Stay at home if you think this will be too embarrassing for you.

* At least 24 hours before and after getting a bikini wax, avoid swimming or lying in the sun. Ingrown hairs are a very real possibility, but the risk can be reduced with gentle exfoliation before and after. Ingrown hairs can be treated with ice and antibacterial cream to prevent infection.

* While having the appropriate amount of hair is important, it’s also crucial to avoid having too much. Avoid wasting your money by getting a wax before you’ve seen enough regrowth; on the other hand, it can be awkward if the waxing professional has to use a pair of garden shears to remove all of your pubic hair before they can begin.

* Ask a doctor if a wax is appropriate for you if you take certain medications for acne or have certain medical conditions, such as diabetes or psoriasis. Additionally, you might want to refrain for a while if you are nursing or pregnant. Timing is crucial because, if you are menstruating, your pain threshold will be much higher.

* Waxing is addictive, so after getting it done you’ll probably want more of it, especially since the hair that grows back might be thicker and more itchy and rough to the touch. An updated, thicker bush might be more your style, though.

* Some men prefer to wear teeny tiny swimsuits, or “budgie smugglers”, as they call them in If this describes you, you might also find that a bikini wax is right for you. If so, before making an appointment, be sure to find out if your preferred salon serves both men and women.

* Leave the salon if you don’t like how it looks. The state of New Jersey almost banned genital waxing recently after two women were “injured” while having Bikini waxing in Brazil. According to reports, both underwent hospitalization after contracting infections as a result of the procedure, but they have since fully recovered, as have their genitalia.

Buy Yourself a Merkin

A merkin might be in order if you recently had a full Brazilian and aren’t too fond of the way it looks or if you’re starting to go a little grey. Otherwise known as a “pubic wig”, these fun and frivolous snatches of hair (no pun intended) can change any boring bedtime routine into a boudoir bonanza.

According to legend, prostitutes were compelled to have all of their pubic hair removed in the 1600s when they discovered they either had a syphilis infection or a public lice infestation. Clever businesswomen bought pubic wigs because they were said to hide disease’s ravages.

These days, women purchase merkins for fun, frequently dyed in psychedelic hues. To suit any fancy, they can be colored and shaped. This might be a good substitute if you’re apprehensive about getting a wax at the salon. You can also have a “real” merkin by getting a wax in which a tiny bit of hair is left in the shape of a heart or other design, then dyed..

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