The UK actually has some great beaches for learning to surf, which may come as a surprise to many people. The benefits of progress in surfing are well worth the numerous failures because it is an incredibly difficult sport.

Finding a beach that is appropriate for your level of experience is the first step. There are many beaches in the UK that have good surf schools and controllable waves. For instance, people in the north-east of England might think about visiting Saltburn Beach. You can easily find suitable beginner waves on either side of the pier in this location. Additionally, Saltburn Surf Shop, located directly above the beach, offers beginners everything they require, including practical advice on equipment as well as reasonably priced lessons. As a beginner, choosing a board can be challenging. It is always worthwhile to ask for friendly advice.

For good reason, the south-west of the UK is a popular destination for aspiring surfers. Surfing-friendly beaches can be found all over Cornwall. In particular, Newquay takes great pride in Fistral Beach, calling it “The Best Surf in Europe.” Despite being well-liked by more experienced surfers, it is also great for beginners. It’s not hard to find smaller, more controllable waves. The Quiksilver Surf School, one of the top surf schools in the UK, is located at Fistral Beach, which is another important factor.

Fistral Beach’s fame, though, might put some newcomers off. While others are catching waves up to 40 feet high, it can be a little demoralizing to be struggling to stay upright on your board in light surf. Watergate Bay might be a good option for those looking for a more sedate area to learn to surf in the Newquay area. Watergate Bay’s sea is ideal for beginners at low tide because it has small waves and a gentle current that make it easier to fall off. Again, there is excellent instruction for those just learning to surf. In addition to teaching surfing, the Xtreme Academy also teaches other “extreme” sports for those who want to expand their horizons beyond surfing.

A good board is necessary to get ready for learning to surf. In the UK, there should be a surf shop close to every beginner-friendly surf beach. Avoid the urge to just jump in and buy the first board you see; instead, gather as much information as you can and make a well-informed decision. By doing so online before your trip, you might find a better offer. It may be more economical to just rent a board for the day if you are unsure whether you will enjoy the sport.

Not only are there beaches in Cornwall that are perfect for learning to surf, but there are also beaches in Scotland and Wales, like Pease Bay, that have ideal wave sizes and are also home to top-notch surfing schools. Beginner beaches can be found all over the country, so no matter where you are, one should be accessible and suitable.

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