You have therefore decided that you will get a Brazilian bikini wax. If you don’t adequately prepare for it, this experience could be quite painful and unpleasant. Before getting your first Brazilian bikini wax, take a look at the following advice.

1. Choose your pubic hair removal procedure carefully once more. Before deciding, consider both the full bikini and the standard bikini wax. The most extreme type is the Brazilian bikini wax.

2. Find a reputable salon that specializes in Brazilian bikini waxing. Any major US city would have at least one.

3. Make sure the waxers at the salon have experience. Your first Brazilian bikini wax shouldn’t be performed on an armature.

4. Speak with the women who used this salon for their Brazilian bikini wax. How did they find their first experience, please? how long does the treatment take etc.

5. Discover the cost of a Brazilian wax at the salon. Never overpay for anything. A cost of $70 is reasonable. More will be a theft.

6. Make sure you have enough privacy in the salon. Some salons might perform the Brazilian bikini wax on you in a tiny hole with nothing but a thin curtain separating you from the outside world. In this hole, screaming in agony might be embarrassing.

7. If possible, avoid scheduling a treatment right after a long workday when you know you won’t be at your most relaxed and calm.

8. Before visiting the salon, take a long, warm shower. Your private area needs a thorough cleaning.

9. You can cut your pubic hair yourself to a length of about ¼ inch. The salon waxer will do it if you won’t.

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