If hair appears in an area of our bodies that we don’t want it, we are ruthless in eliminating it, just like we are with weeds in our gardens. But which parts of our bodies are we putting the most effort into, and which hair removal techniques are best for each area?

Bikini Line

For achieving the ideal bikini waxing shape, waxing is likely the least expensive longer-term hair removal technique. You can easily have waxing done at home or in a salon. Waxing at home is ideal for simple bikini waxing shapes and will leave you smooth and hair-free for weeks.

Even though waxing is effective, it’s still worth saving up for one of the new IPL (intense pulsed light) hair removal devices that offer even longer-lasting results. A good salon wax would likely be a better option if you prefer a more aggressive bikini waxing technique like the Brazilian wax, especially the first few times until the hair roots weaken.


The fastest and least expensive method for dehairing your legs is still shaving. Every time, you’ll end up with svelte legs. – provided you don’t nick yourself or suffer from shaving rashes. The main drawback is that the stubble comes back the next day.

Additionally beneficial for the legs, depilatory creams or at-home waxing will help you avoid stubble and achieve hair-free legs for longer periods of time. The market-available IPL hair reduction devices also provide good, long-lasting results for those blessed with the patience necessary to treat larger areas.


The best ways to get rid of unwanted underarm hair include shaving, depilatory creams, and at-home waxing. However, waxing yourself can be quite uncomfortable, so a close friend or companion’s assistance might be helpful. If you have the proper skin tone and hair color, IPL hair reduction devices also work well under the arm.

Upper Lip and Eyebrows

Our facial skin is extremely sensitive. Men regularly shave their faces to get rid of facial hair, but women don’t really have this option. As long as you select a product made especially for the area, all of the following procedures are acceptable for your face: waxing, threading, plucking, depilatory creams, and IPL treatments. Today, most drugstores carry wax at-home kits or depilatory creams for the face that can be used to tidy up the eyebrows and the upper lip. Some of the IPL hair removal tools available on the market are also suitable for use on the face and include unique adapters for these more delicate treatment areas. Always read the directions completely to make sure they are suitable for your skin type, especially for the face.

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