Beach vacations are the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of city life while the warm weather is still present. Don’t let the sun burn you out; whether it’s a three day or a week long vacation, preparation is key. Sit back and soak up the heat in style, from swimwear to breezy eveningwear with our must-pack beach holiday list:

Bare Necessities:

· Travel-size toiletries: Depending on how long your vacation is, pack the essentials, such as shampoo and feminine hygiene items. Also, mark the location of the nearest supermarket on your map in case of an emergency!

· Cosmetics and skincare products: As the heat beats down on you, don’t forget to moisturize and take care of your exposed skin, including using a potent sunscreen!).

· Medicine: Pack over the counter medicine for common health-related problems that may arise

The attire

· Beach Ready Outfits:

o Swimwear: Considering the likelihood that you will spend the majority of your vacation in a swimsuit, choose a few essential pieces that go well together. You should only have three swimsuits. If you prefer to wear two pieces, choose items that you can mix and match for more variety.

o Pack no more than two cover-ups or sundresses. These are a fantastic option if you want to keep on wearing your swimsuit while engaging in other quick beach-related activities! Choose a swim dress to combine your cover-up and swimsuit in one outfit!

o Flip flops are everyone’s favorite beach footwear, so stomp around the sand and shells in them!

o Floppy Beach Hat: Bring a floppy beach hat to shield you from the sun while you relax!

· Evening Wear:

o Loose maxi dresses and skirts: For nights on or off the beach, when you want to

o Jeans, t-shirts, and blouses: For daytime and nighttime loungewear as you unwind in serenity.

o Lightweight jacket and/or pashmina: Be ready without sacrificing comfort if the evening breeze shifts a few degrees south!

o Wedges: Since walking in heels and stilettos can be challenging, bring along a pair of wedges for a casual yet fashionable look.

· Everyday Adventure Outfits:

o Gym attire: Even if you don’t intend to use your guns, moisture-wicking gym clothing is lightweight and convenient for tropical excursions. Don’t forget to bring your trainers, too!

Depending on the location, climate, and individual needs of each traveler, there may be additional items to pack for your vacation. Nevertheless, wherever you go, don’t forget these essential items.

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